The Ultimate Entrance of Ducati’s V4 Panigale

Ducati fans have remained expectantly for so long, and the V4 Panigale has been finally revealed to them. It is a facelift that lets the Ducati Company to start anew and strong.

Panigale 1299 R has been declared as the last superbike with a V-twin engine during its revelation. Since then, everyone has been waiting to witness this amazing superbike with extra force and power. According to the Italian company, the V4 Panigale is the first Ducati bike to have the engine of the MotoGP Desmosedici. Therefore, this four-cylinder engine has a powerplant of1103cc which is capable of 214 hp. This outstanding quality together with the 1.1 power/weight ratio proves V4 Panigale as nothing but revolutionary.

According to the company, it has managed to out-top the famous 1299 and get the first place on the list. This makes V4 Panigale as one that can be ridden only by the top-notch bikers and nothing less. You can derive a smooth, but a jaw-dropping level ride as the V4 has been developed together with Ducati Course. So, this road bike has been built with the same expertise and skill of a racing bike and is only an inch away from the MotoGP.

Ducati declared that the enhanced function and the new design aims to provide the striking features and the imminent power of racing bikes.

So, Ducati has revealed a Panigale V$ as well as the Panigale V4 S where V4 S possess a Smart EC 2.0 system. This provides an adjustable interface together with components like fake aluminum and lithium-ion battery. The exclusive rich fans can feast on the Panigale V4 that comes in a limited quantity. This one-time edition is manufactured using rough components and has a titanium exhaust with a livery.

Ducati also claims that the Panigale V4 S team has definitely followed the techniques and skills of racing bikes where the engine, rider and the chassis are unified together.

The engine of this monster which is known as Desmosedici Stradale has a 90-degree V4. This along with the great timing feature and the reduction of maximum revs lets the rider to handle the power efficiently. The engine is capable of giving a 214hp at 13,000rpm which is the maximum. However, riders can use the titanium exhaust and increase it to 226hp which is great. The best thing about Panigale V4 is that it doesn’t require frequent maintenance and so needs a valve clearance check only after 24,000km.

Another prominent feature of the bike is that it is very agile and therefore changing direction is really fast but rigidly stable allowing the rider to derive an easy handling. This is mainly because of the twin pulse engine and the counter-rotating crankshaft used by the engine. The engine also has a load-bearing function in a new frame called Front Frame to overcome the heavy weight of 1299 Panigale Ducati. Since it is light in weight, it makes use of the engine in the form of a stressed chassis object.

The electronics package of the bike is made to provide enhanced and optimum safety for the rider by letting him control the vehicle in any situation. These features include controllable drift during brakes, front wheel ABS cornering the lean-angle-sensitive quick shifter. These supreme control modes are integrated into the three driving modes of Race, Sport, and Street. The very new and advanced TFT Panel lets you control it skillfully. So, remain energized and thrill because all that Ducati brags is true.