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The New Three-Wheeler Venice

By Tony Franklin on August 29, 2018

Throwbacks are all the rage in social media these days, but everyone appreciates a modern take on a classic. Vanderhall has captured that allure with a new single-seat version of the three-wheeler Venice they call the Speedster. They have replaced the passenger seat with a composite panel with strakes, giving those classic lines that were so appreciated in the Venice still more appeal. The aero piece is just a bit taller and is now integrated into the driver’s headrest. This beauty only comes in one color. It is Silver Vintage metallic exterior over a Saxony Brown seating, sporting one racing stripe that runs the full length of the car. It comes standard with 18-inch wheels, a wooden steering wheel, and 400 Watt BT Sound.

Internally, the Speedster is precisely the same as the Venice. It still has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a sequential manual transmission that gives it 180 horsepower out on the track. The new Speedster is expected to begin production at the close of 2018. It starts at $26,950, and you can reserve one of the first ones today for $1,000.

If you are looking for a classy-looking but modern take on a touring vehicle, look no further than the new Vanderhall Speedster.

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