The New Tesla Roadster: 0-60 in 1.9 Seconds, 620-Mile Range

After Tesla Semi was revealed a fortnight ago, Elon Musk surprised the Tesla funs with the news that Tesla Roadster will soon be back on the roads again. Apparently, it is set to make a huge come back in 2020, and the performance this time around will be staggering. How you receive the news that will entirely be for you to decide. However, the following details show that we will be looking at a super cool vehicle.

The New Exciting Features

  • A torque of up to 7,376
  • It is certain that it will become the quickest car in the world making given that it will give you 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds and 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds.
  • The Tesla Roadster will make quarter mile in 8.8 seconds beating other performance cars
  • You can achieve top speed of more than 250 mph

Factoring the above features that were pointed out by Elon, Driving the new Roadster from Los Angeles to San Francisco at one speed will only be on one charge for a two-way trip and on highway speeds. Note that these features were as per the prototype vehicle that was shown a fortnight ago. Therefore the production car could be quicker than this, but we will wait to see and believe, but this is obviously incredible.

The new model of Tesla Roadster will come with one electric motor in the front and two in the back making a total of three electric motors. With these three motors, it will be all-wheel drive throughout. To give you such a performance, the vehicle will come with a 250-kilowatt-hour battery. For a real experience, you can remove the roof and carry up to four passengers, but the two back seats can be left for grocery bags.

Would you like to own one? For now, you will need $50,000 to book it, and the base price will be $200,000. Alternatively, you can order the founders series car which will cost you a clean $250,000 up front. To see what we are talking about, head over to Tesla website.