The New Tesla Model 3 Averages $59,000 Price Tag

If you’ve been aching for a new Tesla Model 3, the average price is starting to climb rapidly. Based on recent data collected from Google and compiled in a report called the Model 3 Order Tracker, the average price-point for the Tesla Model 3 is now hovering around $59,000. The report was tweeted by @TroyTeslike and has raised some eyebrows within the automotive community – and perhaps placed some trepidation to future consumers.

To clarify – these numbers are not being reported by the California-based automaker. The data was pulled individually from a Google platform which features the self-reported data of more than 4,600 owners and future owners of the Tesla Model 3. As such, it’s quite possible that some numbers may be inflated – but none-the-less, the tweet is causing some questions to be asked within the automotive community.

Most car manufacturers increase the cost of their vehicles as consumers add options. Tesla marches to the beat of a different drum however. They begin the production of each new Tesla with the most expensive variant – then proceeds to less expensive models – as the increase in manufacturing actually brings down the overall expense of creating the vehicle. In theory, this would cause the average price of the vehicle to drop. Well – not exactly.

The average cost of the Tesla 3 is not an indication of manufacturing practices but derived from the fact that more consumers are choosing to add features to the Tesla 3. It’s also possible that the average price is rising simply due to the fact that the Tesla Model 3 is advancing and adding more tech – which is driving up the starting point. The addition of the long-range battery, all-wheel drive, and Performance versions have added nearly $10,000 to the bottom line.

The Tesla Model 3 has been promoted as an affordable electric-powered sports sedan. The eco-friendly rear-wheel drive versions are expected to travel 220 on a single charge, according to EPA-estimations. The Model 3 is also quite quick – accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in a stout 5.1 seconds. While the average price of the Tesla Model 3 is rather stout, as the much-touted $35,000-base versions begin to arrive, these numbers will decrease. In the meantime, company profits will look great on paper.