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The McLaren 720S Fuchsia: Pretty in Pink?

By Zlatan Stankovic on August 22, 2017

‘Interesting’, ‘delightfully vulgar’, and ‘beautifully radiant’; these are just three of the phrases we’ve seen used to describe the brand new McLaren 720S and now it’s time for you to give us your opinions. As one of the main features at Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach last week, this unique McLaren build certainly caught the eye of all passers-by thanks to its vibrant pink shell.

Especially created for a McLaren collector, the model was actually commissioned by Michael Fux, a well-known philanthropist and entrepreneur, which meant the color was given the title ‘Fux Fuscia’. With this latest to his collection, this will become his fourth McLaren after already having a P1 and two others in the garage. Last week, the model was eventually presented to the new owner after quite some speculation over color and design. Last weekend, it then took center stage at the Pebble Beach Concours and attracted a great deal of attention.

According to Automotive Executive Director at McLaren, Jolyon Nash, the model was all about not only meeting but surpassing expectations by challenging ‘the art of the possible’. After looking at the car in action, there’s no doubting McLaren achieved their goal and they certainly pushed the boundaries of what we thought could be achieved by the biggest names in the automobile industry.


In truth, this is just the latest in a line of unique McLaren cars all being produced by their special operations team; MSO. As long as you have the budget, this bespoke division of McLaren will help you to create a completely unique model. Whether you want a one-off or limited edition model, the team has created some stunning vehicles in the past and it all started with the McLaren F1.

With the F1, McLaren made a very strong point of meeting the needs of the customer before doing anything else. As a result, the company sent technicians on planes all over the globe just to perform maintenance and servicing. In 2011, McLaren decided to bring these days back by providing super fans a chance to order and help design their very own model.

As we can see with this Fux Fuchsia McLaren, color plays a big role in the tailoring service but clients can also play with custom leather, different finishes, exotic materials, and some are even lucky enough to have a unique specification; these owners can say with confidence that they’re the only person in the world to own that specific build.

As well as the exterior, something else caught the eye of the visitors at Pebble Beach at the weekend; the interior. Rather than settling for a black interior, the team at McLaren went for a complete contrast with white leather and it certainly packs a punch. On everything from the rear-view mirror to the steering wheel, it has been coated in a bright white and it almost gives the illusion of being two cars rolled into one as a result.

However, the McLaren designers did show some restraint and managed to use a Stealthy Grey finish on the window surrounds and exhaust. Although just two small features, this somehow keeps the car grounded and it contributes to the overall beauty of the model. Alongside the P1 already mentioned, we’re sure this will find a place in Fux’s garage amongst the purple 12C Spider and McLaren Orange with a 12C finish.

Current McLaren Models

While you might not be able to get your hands on the Fux Fuchsia McLaren, there are still some superb McLaren vehicles that are available on the market and we’re going to take a look at them below. Whether you’re looking for something sporty, a convertible, or perhaps even a coupe, McLaren have got something for everyone so keep reading if you’re interested!


Coined by McLaren as the ‘ultimate sports car experience’, it’s hard to disagree since it centers around performance and feels just as suitable on the track as on the road. Within its class, the 570S is actually the lightest of them all as well as boasting the largest power/weight ratio which leads to lots of fun and a superb experience for the driver.

Inside, you’ll benefit from a 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine which means you can (but should never attempt it in public) reach 124mph in less than ten seconds. Since the 570S belongs in the Sports Series of cars from McLaren, it shares many features with the F1 model including the carbon fiber chassis. Named the ‘MonoCell II’, this core of the vehicle comes in at just 75kg and allows for dynamic performance on the road. Once you add the V8 engine, you now see why it’s the best performing car in its class.

If you want that extra step of excitement, there’s also a ‘Spider’ version on the market which allows you to put the roof down and enjoy the summer breeze drifting across your face. If you’re worrying about weight, the hardtop retractable roof has been designed with weight in mind so it doesn’t take away from the performance. In addition to this, it takes a little under 15 seconds to disappear after pushing the button…impressive!


As part of the ‘Legacy’ range, McLaren have pushed everything they know about building cars to the very edge with the 675LT. As well as taking the crown of being McLaren’s fastest convertible, they also believe it to provide the ‘most exhilarating open top’ experience they’ve ever produced.

Much like their other models, they seem to have focused on weight with this one rather than power itself. Don’t get us wrong, the power on this model is something that nearly crosses the border into being scary but the removal of weight also allows for the machine to go faster than previous McLaren cars. Compared to the 650S Spider, the newer version is around 100kg lighter which is a huge difference and it only becomes more noticeable as you start driving with speed.

In addition to this, they’ve increased downforce by around 40% which means it takes just over eight seconds to reach 124mph; something beyond words. Maximum speed of just over 200mph, 700nm of torque, twin-turbo V8 engine, and 666 horsepower; there’s no way anybody can drive this car and walk away disappointed.


Considering Michael Fux the McLaren fanatic owns one of these cars, we know we’re onto a winner and so will you be if you can fit the McLaren P1 into your budget. In terms of design, sleek is a word used too often in the car industry but it’s a word that suits the P1 down to the ground. Furthermore, we could also use the word ‘efficient’ because every single ornament and feature is required whether it’s for aerodynamics, speed, grip, or something else. In fact, McLaren has described it as being similar to an actual F1 car or aircraft.

With the cockpit located right at the center of the car, the vehicle is actually built from the inside outwards with the bodywork essentially ‘shrink-wrapped’ tighter than most other models on the market today. By doing this, the frontal surface area reduces and the air flows right over the top and into the roof snorkel; in turn, this activates the aero components.

Looking towards the numbers, the ceramic-carbon brakes allow the car to reduce speed from over 60mph to nothing in less than three seconds and thirty meters. In fact, it takes just over 1.5 seconds longer to stop from 124mph which is undeniably impressive. In terms of speed, the reason we’re all here, it takes 2.8 seconds to reach 62mph which is actually 0.4 seconds faster than the McLaren F1.

With a car like this, you might be worried about the efficiency but this actually isn't a problem. With a seven-speed ‘seamless shift’ clutch gearbox, the McLaren P1 can achieve 34 miles to the gallon which makes it one of the best performing if we were to compare it directly to their competitors.


Finally, we come across another of the Sports Series models in the 540C which has been designed with balance at the forefront of all thinking. Once again, it boasts the same carbon fiber construction we saw previously and it therefore couples the powerful V8 engine with a lightweight main frame. However, it differs slightly to the 570S we saw earlier because it offers a more practical experience for the owner.

As soon as you look inside, you should notice the ingenious design by the McLaren engineers. Everywhere you look, there’s smart stowage options which is incredibly useful for a city break or small road trip. This, coupled with the handsome luggage capacity, means you won’t have to make sacrifices which is something most sports car owners have to do even for weekend getaways.

Choosing McLaren

Having been in business since 1963, McLaren clearly know what they’re doing in the automobile industry these days. After successful beginnings, this British car manufacturer soon piqued the interest of car fans all over the world. Over time, the interest has only grown and they now find themselves as one of the most popular automakers in the industry even offering an F1 team.

If you’re wondering whether or not to choose McLaren based on the models we’ve provided here today, we should note that you get to design your own model. If we take the 540C as an example since this is still fresh in your minds, the whole process starts with the color and you can choose between 14 different options including Blue, Mauvine Blue, Lantana Purple, Abyss Black, and Papaya Spark.

Just as we saw with Michael Fux earlier, you can then make changes to a whole host of features on your McLaren including wheels and brakes, accessories, interior, entertainment, safety and security, and more. For example, if we delve into the entertainment section, you can choose what audio system you wish to use. After this, the security section offers additional extras such as a volumetric alarm, tracking system, and parking sensors. Therefore, you can really make it your own with these simple additions.


While we might not be able to afford the Fux Fuchsia McLaren anytime soon, it certainly highlights the great work McLaren is doing within the industry. With so many high-quality models on offer, it’s hard to see how this superb British company could ever fall from their perch!

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