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The Lamborghini Belador Concept

By Zlatan Stankovic on February 5, 2018

Over the years, Lamborghini haven’t been shy in the expressing their personality through the designs of their cars. But, it’s a great trait to have, as every car they produce is iconic, and no-one ever forgets them. Think of the Aventador, or the Huracan – they all possess sharp edges, bold features, and aesthetic elements.

The designer in charge at Lamborghini – Sergey Dvorntskyy – is no stranger to outlandish concepts, as his recent Maserati Genesi was an extremely visually-pleasing look into the future. Although, the Belador concept is set to be his best work to date. Essentially, he has used aspects which have worked so amazingly in the Aventador and Huracan and has combined them with some classic facets from the original 1971 Countach.

Talking about the Belador – which draws its name from a fighting bull – Dvorntskyy said, “It represents the unity between technology and traditions. Inspired by the classic lines of historic Lamborghini, it creates a clean but technically functional design.”

The concept, which is rendered using grey and gold tones, features a shell (shown in grey) that surrounds the grille, front bumpers, headlight casings and front fascia. On the contrary, the rear of vehicle (shown in gold), slots in nicely with the front half and possesses everything from the doors to the engine bay. Apparently, the shape “unites the brain and powertrain of the vehicle”, according to Dvorntskyy.

As for the performance, the renowned designer expects there to be a type of hybrid powertrain, considering this is going to be a Lamborghini of the future. Speaking again, he said, “The car is powered by a hybrid engine and gives to driver the best driving performance as you’d expect from Lamborghini.”

It truly looks like a special car, based on the concept, so make sure you keep an eye out for it!

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