The Grand Tour Video Game Lets You Embrace Your Inner Host

By Tim Charlet on September 5, 2018

Fans of the BBC’s Top Gear automotive show will have an opportunity to embrace their inner Clarkson, Hammond, And May thanks to a new video game The Grand Tour. Offered for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this new video game re-enacts stunts from The Grand Tour – without the inflated budget to cover the damage costs. The announcement of this video game was showcased with a recent trailer posted online. The new video game is likely going to be a digital download.

The new video game was featured on a 30-second trailer (which you can watch for yourself) – which like most trailers is more sizzle than steak. The trailer was posted on, with some more meat to describe details. According to the video description, players will have the opportunity to drive different cars and visit the locations featured in The Grand Tour. The video game will feature a season pass that include action and content from the upcoming third-season of The Grand Tour. This permits players to download the new tracks and vehicles from the latest episodes on the same day it premiers.

A video interview with the trifecta of automotive hosts, the boys stated that the game is expected to arrive to consumers about the same time that the Grand Tour season 3 debuts. The show, which is streamed on Amazon Prime has not yet announced a debut – but it is expected to debut sometime in the early fall as it has the past two seasons.

The jury is still out on the quality or enjoyment of this video game version of The Grand Tour. At this point, the game footage is quite raw – based on a few seconds of footage. In all fairness, the trailer does disclaim that the game video is “pre-alpha footage” – which is essentially video gamer code for “still has a bunch to fine-tuning work to complete before launch”. As the show’s debut is likely going to hit Prime video in the next few weeks, true fans of the show hosted by the former Top Gear trio should expect it to arrive soon enough.

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