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The Exclusive Appearance of Tramontana by Vilner

By Zlatan Stankovic on November 9, 2017

Tramontana is a Spanish sports car manufacturer that has introduced fierce sports cars for 10 years now. Even though Tramontana is not identified as one of the famous small companies, it is a thriving firm that has done some significant work since its debut in 2007. The company partnered with Vilner in the SEMA show in Las Vegas to produce something unique and spectacular. Tramontana’s collaboration with the interior specialist was to produce something that will even make the richest supercar fans go crazy.

This classy and outstanding creation was named as Tramontana by Vilner and is prominently portrayed in gold lettering. The appearance of this beauty is very alluring as it is furnished with a matte grey color with gold highlights in between. The front fenders, panels on both sides, and the engine bay are what’s brought out by gold accents. However, the iconic attraction lies in the car’s cabin.

Vilner has redesigned the entire cockpit leaving behind only the buttons and few controllers. To start with, the leather seats which are of lizard texture have been embellished by gold featuring. Even the steering wheel and floor mats are covered with a material that is a blend of both leather and Alcantara with gold highlights. Alcantara is also found to be used in the instrument cluster visor. The gold feature is highlighted in almost every interior component as we find the steering wheel, side panels, dash, and the seat belts in gold. Overall, it is a glamorous appearance and a finishing to the entire car by Vilner art studio.

What powers this impressive supercar is a 5.5-litre bi-turbo V12 of a Mercedes-Benz. It is capable of producing a torque of 678 pound-feet and generates a horsepower of 888 which is amazing. This is supplied to the hind wheels through a seven-speed ordered gearbox. So primarily, the power of Tramontana is combined to this efficient gearbox.

According to Atanas who is the founder of Vilner, an insignificant brand will never be qualified for a reputed show like SEMA. So, Tramontana is a supercar company that is eligible to stand in line with other small yet powerful competitors. He declared that Vilner made its exclusive presence there because of its collaboration with AD Tramontana.

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