The Definitive Used Chrysler Buyers Guide

Chrysler has gone through some significant changes in recent years. However, if one thing has remained constant, it’s that they tend to hold their resale value quite well. Whether you’re searching for a previously owned Chrysler 300, a Pacifica or any other Chrysler, there are a few things you should consider that will save you time, ensure you get a reliable car, and priced at the right value.

Here are four things that should be on your punch list if buying a used Chrysler is on the menu.

Item #1 – Always Browse Online and Make a List of Possible Vehicles

There are two ways to buy a used Chrysler these days – either from a dealership or private consumer. To be honest, buying from a private owner comes with more risk on receiving a lemon than a dealership (due to state-based lemon laws that protect consumers from purchasing from a dealership). As such, the first item to determine is whether you’re going to buy private or from the dealership. Once you make that decision, stick with it, and begin your search online for a used Chrysler that fits your budget. When you’ve made a list of 5 or so possible vehicles, plan a route and time to visit each vehicle location, so you can test drive one.

Item #2 – Get a Vehicle History Report

Anytime a vehicle is involved in an accident or requires major repairs, federal laws state that the mechanics or repair shops need to document these repairs via an online platform that stores this data. The vehicle repairs are documented by their VIN or vehicle identification number. If you buy a used Chrysler from a dealership, they are required by law to provide you with a VIN report – but only if you ask for it. If you purchase from a private owner, they don’t have to provide you with this – so buyer beware.

Item #3 – Consider a Third-Party Inspection

There are multiple mobile mechanics and online services that offer a pre-purchase used car inspection – which protects the buyer from purchasing a used car that may require excessive repairs sooner than later. If you find a vehicle that you really like, you’ve test driven it, and want an extra layer of feel-good, contact a mobile mechanic and ask them to complete a pre-purchase used car inspection. If a dealership has a problem with this – walk away and find another.

Item #4 – If You’re Not 100% Certain – Walk Away

A major item that most buyers forget is that they are 100% in control of purchasing a used car. However, when you’re at a dealership, sometimes you can feel pressured into making a poor decision. If you’re not completely confident in buying a used Chrysler from a dealership – walk way. The last thing you need is to drive away with a new-to-you Chrysler and have buyer’s remorse.

There are several exceptional Chrysler dealerships and others that sell this dependable brand that will treat you well. And without question – these cars tend to hold up well, especially if they are maintained as recommended. If you follow these four easy steps for buying a used Chrysler, you’ll be better prepared to make a smart decision.

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