The Audi E-Tron GT To Be Launched By 2022

The Audi E-Tron is to be based on the Porsche Mission E. Many automakers have long made the jump from creating engines powered by the burning of gas to those powered by electricity. Many companies like the BMW, VW and Jaguar have already committed to electric vehicles. The Audi is not to be left out the picture.

Peter Mertens, a member of the board of management for the Audi group, prophesized to the Auto Motor Und Sport that an E-Tron GT entirely powered by a battery will be “the new in” soon. It will work on a similar platform as the Porsche Mission E but will have its own unique style and features.

Mertens added that the group is particularly equipped to divide the work and develop individual technologies. This principle doesn’t just apply to the drives but also to every individual component. For example, in the PPE, Porsche is accountable for the rear axle. But the Audi is all about uniqueness. It is all about sportiness.

However, you may notice many similarities between the E-Tron GT and the Q8, as well as resemblance to the R8 E-Tron and other EVs. This new power-bomb will have sleek chic four doors embedded within a single frame grille. It will also have flashy headlights and aggressive arches for wheels.

You can be sure that the new E-Tron will be extremely powerful and efficient as it is going to run on the same platform as the Porsche or perhaps one that’s equivalent. The Audi expected to perform as well as the Porsche which boasts of a mileage of 500 kilometers (310 miles), an output wattage of 600 horsepower, all-wheel drive and much more. It is rumored to debut around May 2022 with an awe inducing bang!