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Tesla Semi: Impressive Performance and Cutting-Edge Style

By Zlatan Stankovic on November 20, 2017

Tesla has done it again, and the new Tesla Semi is here to take your breath away! After continuous speculation as to the details and features of the new Semi, the trucking world has stood in awe. Its performance goes beyond expectations and allows truckers to make the most of their experience. How would you feel about driving a Semi that goes faster than super-cars?

Impeccable Performance

Imagine 0-60 in 5 seconds! Well, this is pretty outstanding! Even if it is only valid for no cargo load, it is a great performance. When loaded, Tesla’s Semi goes from 0 to 60 in 20 seconds, and this is certainly an acceleration that is hard to believe! Equally amazing is the fact that the Semi is able to speed up a 5% grade and still maintain 65 miles per hour.

Its mile range stretches from 300 to 500 miles, with the DC megacharger offering high speed and superb efficiency. The recharge time is as little as half hour for 400 miles. Because of that, there is hope for full electric trucking performance to be closer than anticipated. Since there are megachargers available at a growing network of stops, you can rest assured that such an option is more approachable than expected.

And if you are wondering about the powertrain at the Tesla’s Semi, there are four independent motors on rear axles. This guarantees instant traction control. There is also enhanced autopilot to prevent crashes.

Driver’s Experience Optimized

The driver is positioned at the center, rather than the sides. So it is ensured that visibility is maintained intact while driving. The driver will be able to enjoy touch screens and cameras for identifying any blind spots. Apart from all that, there is low gravity center to protect against rollover. As a result, overall driver’s experience is optimized, and there is greater control.

Tesla’s Semi Cost

Although there is no indication as to the final cost of the Semi, reservations come at $5,000 per each truck. If you consider the energy cost that you will be saving, this is a great opportunity. According to estimations by Tesla, upon having completed a million miles, your energy savings will be tremendous. To be more specific, you will have saved about $200,000. Payback time period is estimated within two years after purchase.

Bottom Line

Getting into production within 2019, Tesla’s Semi is bound to be a huge breakthrough in the trucking industry. Introducing full-electric transportation through efficient DC megachargers and optimizing driver’s experience, this is definitely a game changer!

You are welcome to reserve the sleek looking, impressive Semi right away, making sure that you are among the first ones to drive this true wonder of aerodynamics. You will be compensated for your prudence, enjoying amazing features and unique performance. Tesla has certainly set the bar sky high!

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