TVR Makes Amazing Return with 500HP ‘Griffith’

When TVR went away twelve years ago, it was a sad time and there has been rumors floating around ever since regarding their return. While, up until now, these rumors have had no grounding, we can now bring you real news after they announced the ‘Griffith’. With speeds of up to 200mph, TVR is using a V8 engine and is expected to see some very good sales numbers after more than a decade away.

As you may have seen, Les Edgar, computer game entrepreneur, actually took over the brand back in 2013 and this is when the rumors surrounding a new model began. At Goodwood Revival this past weekend, TVR announced their return and they’re sticking with the Griffith moniker last seen in 2002. Although TVR has certainly had a mixed history, Griffith is a name that has earned great respect and the brand is hoping to add to this with the new model.

From the auto industry perspective, this could be the right time for this outlandish brand to make a reappearance since others are becoming more conservative each year. Despite looking like a modern sports car, it keeps the design traits known at TVR including a clean shape almost inspired by the Tuscan and Griffith from the 1960s. With 19-inch alloys and the classy side exhausts, the car looks ‘meaty’ and the downforce will come from a rear diffuser; there’s also deep air intakes on either side. Compared to some models TVR ended with at the turn of the millennium, it isn’t as extreme but it still provokes a ‘wow’ every time you see it.

With 480 horsepower coming from the 5.0-liter Cosworth V8 engine (naturally aspirated), a classic six-speed manual gearbox will keep it under control on the road. However, it’s what you can’t see that should also get the attention since it boasts 50/50 weight distribution. In terms of performance, it takes under four seconds to reach 62mph and it can reach 200mph when given the chance. Surprisingly, it’s also very light at 1,250kg and this creates a 400HP per tonne for the impressive power-to-weight ratio.

In terms of the wider market, this puts it close to the McLaren 570S and we actually have to thank legendary former McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray, for the design. Why? Because the model utilizes the iStream construction technique which was originally created by Murray. Using pre-assembled parts, this allowed TVR to cut costs and allow for a faster production. For the chassis, TVR has gone with a tubular steel frame and the extra strength comes from bonded carbon fiber panels.

In addition to this, adjustable coilover dampers can be found with the double wishbone suspension. This, coupled with the V8 engine and six-speed manual, is likely to create a smile on the face of everyone who gets an opportunity to sit behind the wheel. Of course, the industry has moved on significantly since their last effort but TVR has kept up with the times and boast many electronic aids including fully-electric steering, ABS, and traction control.

Inside, the word ‘minimalist’ springs to mind and the infotainment system offers a portrait screen similar to what we have inside Tesla models. According to TVR representatives, the car will cost £90,000 which, if directly converted, will be around $118,000. Known as the ‘Launch Edition’, it has been limited to 500 units thus far and will be released in 2018. Unfortunately, if you’re interested in owning the Griffith, every unit has been purchased but it’s still good to see TVR return and it’ll be interesting to see what they have up their sleeve for the future!