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T Sportline's Tesla Model X T Largo Limited-Edition

By Bryan D on June 4, 2018

Tesla is a brand that is taking the world by storm with its innovative technological approaches, stunning designs and awesome attention to performance. But, T Sportline felt it was time to spruce up the Model X P100D and give it a fresh bit of styling. They haven’t restrained themselves, either; they’ve really gone all-out on this one.

The standard all-electric SUV is predominantly aimed at families who require the space, but still want an excellent driving experience. But, T Sportline have quickly scrapped the family-friendly aspect – they have protected the driving pleasure and industry-leading technology, though – and replaced it with some menacing exterior styling.

That means the X P100D will attract a whole different audience; those who love to express their personality on the roads through brash styling will now turn their heads. The brains behind the idea is the T Sportline Design Team from their Los Angeles base. Customers can either send in their Tesla Model X P100D, or they can use T Sportline for help acquiring one first.

Let’s get into the changes that they’ve made…

They’ve added a brand-new carbon-fiber widebody kit which stretches over 2-inches on each side of the car. In addition, they’ve incorporated a front bumper duct, widebody fenders, front apron, rear diffuser, wide side skirts and a rear cover. On top of that, you’ll be amazed by the 22-inch forged wheels which sit within Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyres.

Alongside their own vision, T Sportline will also allow customers to implement their own ideas too. The “T Largo” will be built to specific specs, ranging from custom paint, complete vehicle wrapping, custom interior and chrome delete, to brake calliper colour, ceramic window tinting, paint protection film and upgraded interior trim décor. Oh, and each individual model will have a custom laminated dash décor stating the vehicle number.

The T Sportline Design Team have created something special, and that’s why there’ll only be 20 “T Largo” editions available by pre-order reservation only. So, if this has captured your heart, you better act fast to secure one!

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