Stunning One-of-a-Kind McLaren P1

When looking at some vehicles, it’s easy to be speechless. Not only does it take your breath away, there are no words to describe the beauty you’re seeing. With modifications and various changes to supercars, it makes them unique but none are as classy and powerful as this matte black McLaren P1; if you find a competitor, we’d love to see it!

As we know, there are only 375 McLaren P1 models in the world so they’re already incredibly rare. With this version, however, we see a beautiful piece of machinery we cannot find anywhere else. Currently on sale in Germany, this P1 was designed by the Special Operations team at McLaren and it’s clear to see they took their time with this one. Three years old, the owner requested the P1 to be covered entirely matte black while also offering sections of gloss black and body panels of carbon fiber to catch the eye even more.

When looking at this model, there are a few things that grab the attention but the red pinstripes are a touch of genius. Running along the body and even making an appearance on the brake calipers, this touch of red makes the model stand out (just in case it didn't before) as opposed to blending in with the environment.

In addition to this, the red accents are also important for the interior which is also a blend of red and black leather (carbon fiber also shows in areas). With a price tag of $2.55 million, it’s surprising the model has only done 609 miles after leaving the factory; we aren't sure we would have the same restraint. On a side note, this value is around double the original selling price from McLaren which was $1.3 million.

Currently enjoying its fifth birthday, the P1 Ultimate Series is the fastest road car on the planet right now and it doesn’t look as though anything will change this in the years ahead. Thanks to over 900 horsepower, the vehicle takes just 2.8 seconds to reach 62mph and the aerodynamic performance is unlike any other car in the market. In fact, it revolutionized the industry and helped many cars to reach the point they’re at now.

In terms of looking ahead (the auto industry never stands still!), the ‘BP23 Hyper-GT’ is still in planning and, according to McLaren, this is going to be even faster so we’re all set for a fantastic few years with McLaren!