So You Want to Sell Used Infiniti Online? Follow These Steps

The top-tier Infiniti brand has been a popular choice of consumers looking for upscale – at an affordable price point, and the dependability of Nissan. However, like any premium brand, Infiniti tends to have a limited consumer base. Whether it’s due to the additional cost to buy one, or their unique styling features, selling an Infiniti can be more complicated than your run-of-the-mill consumer daily driver. To ensure you reduce mistakes, find the right buyer, and sell your used Infiniti as quickly as possible, here are a few sure-fire tips for selling a used Infiniti online.

Noted below are out four steps that any current Infiniti owner can follow to ensure a quicker and value-based online sale.

Step 1 – Get your Infiniti Inspected First

Used car buyers are smarter and more aware of potential lemons out there than ever before. They also read blogs like ours that provide tips on how to purchase a used car online. The first thing we recommend to possible used Infiniti buyers is to ask the owner for a professional vehicle inspection – especially a vehicle history report or VIN number report. To ensure a quicker sale, make sure you have the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic before you list it online. This will accomplish a few important things:

  • First, it’ll provide you with an actual indication of the condition of your vehicle. This allows you to accurately list the value of the vehicle – to ensure it’s not overpriced.
  • Second, it will provide the potential consumer with a detailed report by an independent mechanic – and provide them with peace-of-mind.

Step 2 – Make an Investment by Having the Infiniti Detailed

When you sell a vehicle online, there are three things you’ll need to upload to the site – good and accurate description of the vehicle, your asking price, and of course – pictures…lots of high-quality pictures. Before you take photos, why not spend $20 dollars or so to have the vehicle professionally detailed – inside and out? This will ensure your Infiniti is in tip-top-shape, and hopefully, make a good impression on potential buyers.

Step 3 – Check Out the Competition

A smart consumer knows the value of comparison shopping. Before you list the vehicle online, it’s a smart idea to search online for similar year, make and model of Infiniti you own, with similar miles and similar condition. This will permit you to have a baseline estimate of the cost that consumers will pay for the vehicle.

Step 4 – Post Your Online Ads on the Right Website

When it comes to selling a used Infiniti, you need to follow the three “rights” of posting online ads:

  1. Post on the RIGHT website : An Infiniti is a premium brand – so make the investment by listing your vehicle on a highly visible used car website, or local website to target consumers living near you.
  2. Create the RIGHT content : You don’t need to be a professional writer to post the RIGHT content. The key is to stick to the facts – not the fluff. Always make sure to list all the basics, but also include any upgraded packages, features, and technology add-ons – like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Sunroof and more.
  3. List at the RIGHT price : Hopefully you’ve completed the first three steps in this article and have a good idea of the fair market value of your used Infiniti. Make sure to list your vehicle at a price that gives you what you want – without being too inflated. Remember to leave a little ‘wiggle room’ for those consumers who want to haggle.
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