Say Hello to the Morgan Aero GT

At the recent Geneva Motor Show, we’ve witnessed a ton of astounding reveals and impressive releases from the automotive giants. But, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the smaller, bespoke brands too. One of those is the Morgan Motor Company, who unveiled their new Aero GT at the show, which looks aesthetically beautiful and possesses supreme performance.

If you’re familiar with the Morgan outfit, then you’ll also be familiar with their Aero 8 model. Now, the Aero GT is basically the same concept, but with the reins loosened, so to speak. There’s several enhancements on the GT version that have been implemented following extensive research and careful analysis.

Everything was completed by the Morgan Special Projects faction, and each car will be specifically tailored to each owner. You’re probably thinking – “That’s one hell of a task to manufacture cars individually” – right? Well, actually, there’s only eight being made, so it won’t be too much to ask.

In terms of the improvements, there will be “restyled wing impression and louvres”, which will not only look amazing, but also assist with the aerodynamics. Moreover, there will be an aluminium chassis, as well as front and rear suspension to stiffen up the vehicle and boost the drivability. In addition, Morgan will utilize a “dramatic diffuser” at the rear, which will lower the overall weight by reducing the air pressure beneath the vehicle.

Ultimately, it’s a gorgeous car, that harmonizes a vintage and classic appearance, with a modern sports car twist. Allegedly, Morgan found inspiration from one of their own models – the 2009 GT3 race car. Unfortunately, though, you won’t be able to acquire a personalized version fresh out the factory, because all 8 have been claimed.

Keep an eye out on the second-hand market!