Rolls-Royce Exterion Nothing Short of Sensational

Not so long ago, we got a peek into the Rolls-Royce Sweptail and it was hard not to get excited…now, we could be even more excited after a concept for the Rolls-Royce Exterion was created.

As a brand, they’re well-known for their evolutionary designs as opposed to other manufacturers who are revolutionary. When we saw the Phantom, this was clearly the case because it looked very similar to it’s predecessor only with a brand-new aluminum platform. However, Sergey Dvornytskyy, a render artist, has shown the world what the Rolls-Royce might look like if they were to take a few more risks and introduce new character to their luxurious cars.

Named the ‘Exterion’, the sedan looks futuristic and it actually makes the Sweptail look a little tame. Recently, the artist was interviewed by Top Gear and he noted how the inspiration came from the trends of Rolls-Royce designs in recent years along with Syd Mead’s illustrations. In his own words, he says the model is the ‘ultimate luxury electric vehicle’ and he believes it fits perfectly into the futuristic world of autonomous driving.

If we start with the front fascia, it actually looks very similar and keeps the style Rolls-Royce has made its own over the years and we think this is why the model looks so good. This being said, the grille has nothing to do with cooling but is just for show because, as we know, the model is autonomous and electric. With more freedom in design, the grille has been spruced up with some diamond accents and it looks fit for the Queen (who is, of course, famous for riding in a Rolls-Royce herself).

Along with the autonomous technology, there are no windows at all and the space inside is stunning. Although there are no renders of the inside, we know it would be leather-laden and full of space with no need for a steering wheel or any other classic features. Judging by the Rolls-Royce models we’ve seen in the past, it isn't hard to imagine the pure luxuriousness that would ooze from the vehicle as soon as the doors opened.

In terms of the proportions, it actually makes you think back to the old coach-builds which is another reason why we like this concept so much. Despite going in a direction the Rolls-Royce has never taken before, it still offers shades of what makes a Rolls-Royce…well, a Rolls-Royce. With oversized wheels and an extended hood, the concept looks amazing (even if we have to ignore the large side skirts and front/rear bumpers to reach this opinion). Ok, there are a couple of things we would change but this doesn’t take away from the fact it looks sensational despite the lack of room around the wheel arches making it wholly impractical.

Since this is a concept and not something from Rolls-Royce themselves, we can simply enjoy it and dream of a future full of cars like these!