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Rolling Out into Armageddon in Gurka MPV Armored Vehicle

By Tony Franklin on August 28, 2018

If you are looking for a company that goes all out and spares no expense, then Terradyne is the name to watch. They have created many of the most ferocious tactical vehicles in the world. Terradyne’s multi-purpose armored vehicle, called the “Gurka” is the most recent edition to battle-ready tank-like monstrosities out on the road.

This powerhouse contains a 6.7-liter V8 turbo diesel engine which flies with 330 horsepower and pulls with 750 pounds/foot of torque. It is ready to tear up the road on the way to the next mission. It easily shakes off anything up to 7mm armor-piercing rounds with a unique B7-level armor, making the Batmobile look like a child’s toy.

The Gurka is much more than exterior armor. The Gurka MPV has six doors and the largest interior space of any of the other Gurka models. It can hold up to twelve people, making it ideal for law enforcement to use for prisoner or troop transport and S.W.A.T. missions. It weighs in at 19,500 lbs but can still haul out at 81mph with its six-speed automatic transmission. That is one fast mini-tank! This is the vehicle for urban war-zones and the place to be inside should the end of the world come soon.

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