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Prototype for 320mph Devel Sixteen Hypercar Coming Soon

By Zlatan Stankovic on November 24, 2017

As we’ve seen with the recent news releases regarding the Tesla Roadster, it’s going to be incredibly fast. With this in mind, it’s fair to say the vehicles that utilize an internal combustion engine are now under great pressure. Although there’s no denying their position within the market, they currently have an image of being not just less efficient than electric cars but also less ‘trendy’.

Will they be able to hit back against the critics? We couldn't possibly say, but what we can say is that the manufacturers are going to give it a go and it starts with the Devel Sixteen; just in case you’re wondering, the ‘Sixteen’ is in relation to its cylinders. Initially, you might be skeptical about a V16 hypercar (quad-turbo) being produced in Dubai. However, we don’t need to judge for a couple of years; for now, we can get excited for one number that’s been linked with the model in particular; 320.

As you probably saw in the title, this number represents the expected top speed of the Devel Sixteen and it equates to around 515kph. Ultimately, three different tiers will be available with the Sixteen;

  • Entry Level - 1,500 horsepower for $1.6 million
  • Middle Level - 3,000 horsepower for $1.8 million
  • Top Level - 5,000 horsepower for drag races only

With the entry and middle levels, these are the two road cars and it’s the second design that’s expected to reach the dizzy heights of 320mph. Meanwhile, the top-level model will be used exclusively for drag races and various other events.

According to the manufacturers and Chief Engineer, who has experience in producing the Apollo IE hypercar, reaching 310mph is generally easy with horsepower of up to 1,800. However, making the jump to a car faster than this is incredibly tough because, suddenly, you need to rise to at least 2,700 horsepower. Paolo Garella (Chief Engineer) says that the drag coefficient moves from 0.3 Cx to 2.5 so the difference is clear to see.

For engineers, mechanical losses and aerodynamics are pivotal and, at the same time, a huge nuisance considering the car is moving at such large speeds. With the transmission alone, around 500 horsepower of the total 3,000 just disappears. Therefore, the engineers want to focus their attentions on a unique dual-clutch gearbox in an attempt to keep the losses to a minimum.

Of course, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves because we still need a working prototype before we can discuss breaching all sorts of record speeds. Judging by Garella’s recent interview, we could welcome the prototype within 14 months and Manifattura Automobili Torino, his own company, is making this happen. If the prototype is released on schedule, we shouldn't expect the car to reach the roads for two years (at the very minimum).

Until this magic date rolls around, we can only dream of how the 16V would sound and perform when given a beautiful open stretch of road!

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