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Porsche’s New Air-Cooled 911 Turbo S is Golden

By Tim Charlet on August 28, 2018

The latest creation from the mad-scientists at Porsche Classic is flat-out ‘brilliant’. This new air-cooled 911 Turbo S, affectionately known as Project Gold, continues to build on Porsche’s 70th anniversary by introducing a 444-horsepower variant to the popular 993 line-up. Although there is excitement in the air with this new engineering wonder, it may signal an end to the iconic 993.

In today’s world, 444 horsepower isn’t much to brag about - considering you can buy a Ford Mustang GT or Camaro SS off the lot with more under the hood, and for a lower price. However, as they discussed in the movie Top Gun – the Porsche 993 or now called the 911 Turbo S has a reduced “thrust to weight” difference – meaning it’s much lighter and sleeker than American-muscle cars. Even more impressive is that GM and Ford’s hp is produced by a V8 – while Porsche manages a way to squeeze 444 ponies from a flat-six speed.

So – what’s the scoop on Project Gold?

The name comes from the brilliant gold-exterior color, but also due to the exclusivity of this vehicle. It is rumored that only 345 of these original cars have been built – with an exclusive ownership list that includes Jerry Seinfeld. This air-cooled 993 Turbo is a one-off entrant of the Porsche Classic garage – which is the Zuffenhausen-based brand's service and restoration shop. They began with a standard 993 Turbo S and completely stripped it down – even dipping the body through it’s e-coat rustproofing tanks. After the coating procedure was finished (which is standard operating procedures from this resto-shop) the complete rebuilt took off.

The first step was to apply an iconic Golden Yellow Metallic paint that was ‘borrowed’ from the recently debuted 911 Turbo S Exclusive series. On the inside, Project Gold continues to sparkle, with custom-upholstered seats fashioned in black leather with gold accents. The wheels are engineered to match the same color-scheme as inside – enhancing the opulence of this impressive Porsche. Under the rear hood, the Porsche shop decided to build a powertrain from off-the-shelf Porsche Classic parts inventory – and other special ‘enhancements’. Once completed, the new Turbo S-spec 444 horsepower engine was born.

The car is expected to debut here in the USA at Laguna Seca in Northern California on September 27 – and will then be placed up for auction during the RM Sotheby’s Porsche 70th Anniversary sale. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Ferry Porsche Foundation which addresses social, education and youth development issues. However, the lucky winner will have to enjoy this vehicle on track only – as Project Gold is not road-legal.

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