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Pogea Racing Finetunes the Alfa Romeo 4C Nemesis

By Bryan D on April 30, 2018

Since the 4C was manufactured, Alfa Romeo have refused to create a high-performance Quadrifoglio version. Why? Because they deemed the standard good enough to compete with others in the market. But, the tuners at Pogea Racing decided to take the reins and give it a mean upgrade.

When Pogea Racing get involved, you know there’s going to be some serious improvements, and they’ve managed to take the 4C Nemesis to a whole new level. The aspect they decided to work on was the power; they wanted to create something that would whizz across the surface. So, they replaced the 1.75-liter gasoline engine with a 1.95-liter displacement one with a special turbocharger.

They also introduced a forged crankshaft, updated cylinder heads, larger intake valves and forged piston heads. Plus, they developed a custom exhaust system alongside a remapped gearbox and electronics to make sure everything ticks by smoothly. All in all, the Pogea Racing version has 477-BHP, 395 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 191-MPH. Want to know how long it takes to hit 62-MPH? A crazy 3.6 seconds!

As well as refurbishing the mechanics, they gave the car a finishing touch by working on a stealthy aerodynamic body kit with carbon fiber to reduce weight. In addition, there’s new 18-inch alloys on the front and 19-inch ones on the rear. Inside, you’ll find an abundance of leather and Alcantara touches in combination with red trims.

In-depth information regarding the pricing has still not be released, but you can expect this model of the 4C Nemesis to be very pricing, considering only 5 will be made. Pogea Racing are pushing for exclusivity on this one.

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