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Peugeot Plan to End Their Long Absence from the US Market

By Zlatan Stankovic on January 23, 2018

It’s been over twenty years since Peugeot took the brave decision to remove themselves from the US market. But, the French manufacturer now feels the time is right to return, and they’re doing so with the assistance of specialist Opel engineers. If you haven’t kept up to date with the industry, then you’re probably wondering, ‘Why are they using Opel engineers?’

Back in 2017, Peugeot claimed Opel & Vauxhall from General Motors, and explained that it was part of their expansion plans to dominate on a global scale. As for heading back to America, Carlos Tavares, Peugeot CEO, stated that the development has already started when speaking at the Automotive World Congress in Detroit.

He claimed that the procedure would be divided up into three stages…

  1. This stage has already begun, and Peugeot have teamed up with a variety of other manufacturers to offer ride-sharing services, through their Free2Move initiative.
  2. At this stage, there will be a progression with their Free2Move scheme. Rather than using other car manufacturers, they’ll use their own Peugeot vehicles.
  3. Lastly, Peugeot will go one further, and start selling their own cars on the United States market.

All of the cars that are constructed, marketed and sold in the US will be completed by Opel engineers, like we’ve already touched on. That’s because they’ll already understand US standards, so the transition will be seamless. In addition, they’ll also prepare diligently to ensure both government, and consumer expectations are met.

Furthermore, Tavares said that every model from their PSA pool will be electrified by 2025 – some hybrid, but some fully dependant on electricity. Plus, by 2030 (which is quite a while away), Peugeot will incorporate autonomous technology into their vehicles, so that 80% of their fleet will be able to drive themselves within limited conditions.

Although, 10% of their cars will be able to drive themselves, regardless of the conditions. Now, even though the Instinct Concept was to display Peugeots future direction in terms of design, it also revealed their fully autonomous technology.

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