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PAL-V: How Would You Like to Own a Flying Car?

By Bryan D on March 12, 2018

Technology evolves every single year, and is often the catalyst behind brand-new inventions, but now it’s hit the automotive industry big style. To begin with, let us ask you one question…

Would you love to be able to avoid those dreaded traffic jams on your journey home from work, while being behind the wheel of something that turns heads?

Well, now you can, because at the Geneva Motor Show, the “world’s first certified commercial flying car” was unveiled by PAL-V. Apparently, they’re in the final stages of creating two variants, the Liberty Sport and the Liberty Pioneer Edition. But, of course, having something that has the freedom of both the sky and road isn’t a project free from complications.

You’d need a pilot’s license, driving license and an airstrip for taking off and landing; unfortunately, you can’t land on the road and switch straight into car mode. Although, PAL-V stated that the manual transition process takes around 10 minutes, which isn’t too bad. With that being said, the brand is hoping to have the vehicle released by 2019, but they still haven’t obtained final safety certifications.

But, being able to fly and drive in one vehicle would be absolutely awesome, and the performance of the thing is incredible. According to PAL-V, the Liberty can top 100 miles per hour on the road and reach up to 112 miles per hour with a range of 300 miles in the air. However, as you can probably guess, it’s not going to come cheap…

Price? They start at $399,000.

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