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Nobe 100 Electric Car Winds Back the Clock with Retro Design

By Zlatan Stankovic on June 22, 2018

As soon as you catch a glimpse of the Nobe 100 three-wheeled electric car, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time. Despite being a modern vehicle, it shares many similarities to early versions of the Saab 96, Henry J or Fiat 500. But, that’s exactly what the creators endeavoured to create; they wanted to build a vintage car that reminded us of the good ol’ days in the motor industry.

But, those three-wheeled models from the 50s were around when the world was just being introduced to compact cars. In 2018, you wouldn’t expect an electric trike to emerge on the market, but it’s a car that has the potential to capture the hearts of many enthusiasts. It may be a piece of nostalgia, but it’s pretty advanced for a three-wheeled e-car.

Built in Estonia, the Nobe 100 can notch up a top speed of 68-MPH, has a range of 136 miles and a battery that can be recharged in a mere 2 hours. It’s a fully connected automobile which can hit 60-MPH in just 5.9 seconds, so don’t frown at its top speed. Founder and CEO of Nobe – Roman Muljar – truly wanted to produce something that was “long-lasting like a Swiss watch,” and is “so effortlessly stylish that you want to lick it.”

Step inside and it’ll literally feel you’re in a time machine. It’s awesome. Really, there’s just a whole lot of nothing, which is what gives it that retro, minimalistic look. White plastic knobs are assembled to the end of the chrome style window winders, the dashboard’s only feature is a small glovebox and there’s two dials directly behind the wheel. Talking of steering wheel – it’s a large, circular white one with an imposing chrome horn smack-bang in the middle.

There are some functionable aspects, though. You’ll find a couple of slide controls on the dash which control the temperature and fan speed, and beneath the dash is a package shelf featuring a suitcase that contains the battery. Of course, you can take the battery out for convenient charging.

While it may be a throwback, the Nobe 100 is pushing Estonia forwards. As Muljar stated –

“These days, the whole world is watching the evolution of electric vehicles. While the established automotive giants may still be at the forefront of the market these days, I’m confident that Estonia is uniquely positioned to launch its first light electric vehicle (LEV).

He continued…

“We wanted to fuse together personality and conscience, not just inventing a more sustainable way to get around cities, but also making it more exciting and charismatic experience than a petrol vehicle. The Nobe 100 is a feat of engineering and design thinking. We haven’t designed a new car, we’ve designed a new way to build and experience a car. We’ve reinvented the car from the wheels up.”

Now, if you want to grab one of these super-cool cars for yourself, while supporting Nobe at the same time, they have a GoFundMe page that you can sign up to. Reports suggest it will enter the European market first, with the US being targeted shortly after. If you want one, expect to pay in the region of $34,000.

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