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New Details Emerging for Porsche Mission E Electric Sport

By Zlatan Stankovic on September 21, 2017

As the world becomes more environmentally-conscious, people are switching to electric cars and this has led to an influx of new models from the biggest manufacturers. For Porsche, they saw no reason to miss out on all the fun and have now released details regarding the all-electric car concept first seen two years ago at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show. At the time, it was named ‘Porsche Mission E’ and it looks as though they’re sticking with this name while also revealing more details.

Oliver Blume, the Chairman of Porsche, spoke to CAR magazine and said that the four-door sports model will be available towards the end of 2019 (at the very latest). Although he didn't say an actual figure in terms of pricing, he did note that it would be similar to the entry-level Panamera which is a little over $80,000.

Above all else, Blume believes this electric model will be the middle ground between the 911 and the Panamera. In addition to this, it will be fully-electric as opposed to going for a hybrid model and this could be important as we continue to progress. With no combustion engine, customers will have an opportunity to choose between output motors and this is as far as Blume went in the discussion but it looks like they’re beginning to feel happy talking about the model and this can only be good news.

When it comes to body styles and badges, Porsche hasn't ruled them out in following conventional models such as the GTS and S. However, what we do know is that the first batch of prototypes will reach the factories for public testing very soon because the Mission E is ‘on schedule’.

What Do We Know?

Aside from this new information, what else do we know about the new electric vehicle from Porsche? First and foremost, we believe the top speed will be over 155mph and it should also reach 62mph within 3.5 seconds which is impressive for an electric car; of course, Porsche is choosing the ‘sport’ niche within the electric market.

Elsewhere, a rapid-charge system will be employed which will allow all users to reach 80% charge within 15 minutes. Considering the charging and battery life has been a huge concern for consumers as of late, this could be a very big step forward for the industry. With any luck, Porsche will be hoping this sways people in their decisions.

Furthermore, Blume has also commented saying that the design is very much ‘fixed’ which suggests a lack of customization for owners. If you want to get an idea for how the model will look, he said the final product will be similar to the one shown in Germany in 2015.

With Porsche adding to the electric car niche, who else will follow suit, will Porsche’s adventure be successful, and are you interested in the model judging by the details released so far? For us, the information has us excited and we can’t wait to learn more and then see it in action.

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