New 789 hp McLaren Senna

All the car enthusiasts will definitely have their feet in seventh heaven. With McLaren Senna ready for its debut, it is set to become the company’s most track-focused model with road-legal status. Named after the legendary Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, only 500 members of the Ultimate series will be seeing the face of the market. Nevertheless, not only is each sold going to benefit the Senna Foundation Charity but each of 500 members has already found their rightful owners. The price is set at 750,000 pounds ($ 1 million) in the UK itself.

Ranking high it is aesthetics and unusual designing, the body of Senna is sleek only to drive more performance. Hours of labor and time of creative minds have gone into the working of charismatic design and the results have undoubtedly been outstanding. Reduced drag and boost calling at the same time is just one of them. Moreover, additional features such as a double rear diffuser, underfloor scoop and a larger rear wing are also present.

Not only is the see-through glass in the door panel quite striking but so are the carbon ceramic brakes. The brakes are unique in their feature in that that they are the end result of seven months of perseverance. Each and every carbon seat is custom made for its owner and hence, no two cars are same. The interior cabin has a minimalistic approach although all the features as the infotainment system, rearview camera, 720S-esque foldable driver’s display and a sound system are present.

Talking of the engine, it is a biturbo 4.0 liter V8 as seen in the 720S, but it has been customised to yield 789 horsepower and 590-pound-feet torque, which renders it 79 hp and 22 lb-ft much more powerful. In more in-depth comparison to 720S, the McLaren Senna weighs much less without fluids whereas the former carries an additional 85kgs.

Given the technical specifications, it can easily be contemplated that the latest Ultimate model will even rank high in terms of performance. It is believed to produce ‘savage performance’ since Ayrton Senna’s nephew Bruno Senna is involved in the development process. Production is going to be kick-started in the third quarter of 2018. A lot many spiritual and exclusive successors are in queue post-production.