New 503 Horsepower 2018 Aston Martin Vantage

When Aston Martin worked on Spectre, the latest James Bond movie, only ten models of the DB10 were released to the world. Then, we had the release of the DB11 and it’s fair to say there were some advancements from the famous manufacturer. Now, we’re moving forward again to the Vantage and we believe this model is a realization of the stepping stone made with the DB11.

Compared to the classic Vantage models we’ve seen through the years, the 2018 version takes its front-end coupe look but there’s a slightly more aggressive feel these days. Offering an open front grille and shark nose, the 2018 Vantage looks hungry and the muscular shaping makes it look like another powerhouse.

When we first saw the model, we saw two halves of a stunning car. While the front is on the prowl, the rear is beautifully crafted much like a peacock in terms of showing off. However, it works as one and the aerodynamics allow for fast and stable driving. With a complex rear diffuser, turbulence is controlled while extra downforce is generated from the side gill panels and front splitter.

When in line with the 911, it’s noticeably shorter despite the 10-inch difference in its wheelbase. With the long wheelbase, the Vantage looks glued to the surface while providing plenty of room inside. While on the note of being inside, the design is sleek, fashionable, and spacious.

When it comes to Aston Martin, they learn their lessons and they used the DB10 as inspiration for the center console. Now, the transmission buttons are easily accessible and the bottom of the steering wheel has almost been shaved off to allow for extra leg room.

Offering 50/50 weight distribution, the 2018 Vantage boasts a magnificent 4.0-liter biturbocharged V8 engine which sits as close to the middle of the car as you can imagine. This, coupled with the new aluminum chassis, allows for a unique experience. Sourced from Mercedes-AMG, the engine has been tuned specifically for the Vantage and this includes fuel mapping, engine mapping, exhaust tuning, and gearbox mapping.

Sticking with performance, it generates over 500 horsepower and roughly the same lb-ft of torque. Weighing in at a little under 3,400 pounds, the Vantage is around 300 pounds lighter than the previous model with an improved power-to-weight ratio. According to Aston Martin, it should take 3.6 seconds for the model to reach 60mph; if it keeps going, 195mph is the limit.

Thanks to new shorter intermediate gear ratios, the Vantage almost glides through the gears; we’re also expecting a manual version at some point after the initial second-quarter release of the opening model. To list off some of the other fantastic features on this new model, owners will benefit from an electronic rear differential (first time for Aston Martin and it connects with the stability control system!), added traction, improved suspension architecture with a double wishbone, and a choice of carbon fiber or cast-iron brakes.

As you can see, the model sounds stunning and we don’t have to wait long to see it in action. Recently, key figures at Aston Martin addressed the rumors of a V12 at some point in the future and came to the conclusion, while joking, that it might not even fit in the design.

As phase two of the second century plan for Aston Martin continues, the Vantage comes in at $149,995 and paves the way perfectly for the expected 2019 Vanquish replacement. In years gone by, many experts noted how the British company weren't too good at creating designs that could be clearly differentiated with one another. With the release of this model, Aston Martin could just be proving this statement wrong!