Most Powerful Tesla Models Falling in Price

When it comes to automakers, they’re known for bleeding every last cent out of their sales and who can blame them when they’ve got christmas parties to arrange and new cars to prepare? However, Tesla has gone against the grain after deciding to slash the prices of their Model X and Model S range (the P100D and 100D). Furthermore, the drop in price isn't just a small one either. According to our sources, they’re going to fall by between $3,500 and $5,000 each.

So why is Tesla doing this? Just recently, they learned that their supply of 100-kilowatt batteries was cheaper than they originally anticipated. Rather than holding onto the profit and putting it towards everything we discussed previously, they’ve decided to pass these savings on to the consumer and the world is suddenly admiring the company as a result.

If you’ve been following Tesla and this range of vehicles, you’ll know they actually increased the prices last year when they introduced new trims. However, this decrease has brought it back down to the original price with brand-new features. With the Model X range, you’ll have to pay out between $96,000 and $140,000 while the Model S range is available for between $94,000 and $135,000.

If you just so happen to have ordered one of these models and haven't received it yet, you should be happy to know that you’ll still receive the discount which is great news. Of course, this isn't exactly the first time Tesla has cut down their prices after increased margins led to a price decrease of $3,000 not so long ago. With this in mind, they’re quickly gaining a reputation as being ‘for the fans’. While the other companies are focusing their attentions on squeezing every last drop of profit from each model, Tesla seems to be playing the game by fairer rules and it hasn't gone unnoticed in the industry.

Not only do we appreciate the price cuts, we also appreciate the honesty because they didn't have to tell anybody about their cost decreases. If they kept it to themselves and enjoyed the increased profit margin, nobody would be any the wiser but this transparency could be a big step for the auto industry. Considering they’ve also been dropping updates regarding the Supercharger model, we should be happy there’s a manufacturer willing to go to such lengths to provide a good service!