Milan Red, The Austrian Hypercar That’s Commanding The Road

The Hypercar market has a new entry in its midst. Milan Automotive may have just launched the gorgeous Milan Red, but it’s already grabbing its share of attention with nearly 250mph capability and a four-figure power output. Get it while it’s hot, car enthusiasts, because Milan only plans to put out 99 Red hypercars. That’s limited-edition automotive engineering at its finest. Part muscle car, part airplane, part bird, part status symbol – that’s the Milan Red.

The Engine

If you’re looking for speed you’ve found it. This Austrian beauty can go from 0 to 62mph in an unprecedented 2.47 seconds. The Milan Red features a 6.2L V8 engine. Its rear wheel drive and quad-turbo charged engine are bolstered by a 1325bhp engine that purrs like a kitten. The Austrian design team set out to make the Milan Red a splendid machine – and they did. Its driving intensity and a record-breaking speed demon rolled into the body of one of the most exquisite cars we’ve ever seen.

The Performance

With a former race car driver as CEO, the Red was built for never before seen speeds. It almost clocks in at 250mph. The rear wheel drive and 7-speed dual clutch transmission combine with Brembo ceramic brakes to enhance the ride and grab on to curves. The Milan rides on 20” front wheels and 21” rear wheels. These aluminum wheels combine with its carbon frame to create a machine of singular beauty and unequaled performance.

The Dashboard

Like most other cars on the market, the Milan Red has an infotainment system on board for music, GPS, and an assortment of other features. This one offers something truly unique, though. The in-dash information and entertainment system on the Milan Red displays everything from the MPH to the driver’s heartbeat. We guess they added this exclusive feature because either the higher-than-ever speed or the serious sticker shock will send your heart rate soaring.

The Exterior

The Red is setting a new standard in the automotive world as the first of its kind fully carbon automobile. The low-riding, muscular coupe even features suspension wishbones made from carbon. In fact, the body is made from lightweight carbon and fillers that keep its total body weight just under 2,900lbs. Function comes first in the Milan Red with purposeful design and larger-than-large front vents.

The Design Team

Assembled by every motor company’s dream team, the Red’s design team includes top-of-the-line engineering firms and Formula One designers. Along for the ride of a lifetime are Pankl Racing Systems, and a waiting list of car buyers ready to drop serious coin for the hypercar they’ve only dreamed of. This team of designers, engineers, and automotive blue bloods has created a hypercar that will run all other hypercars right off the road.

Our Final Review

At $2.3 million, the price tag is as terrifying as the car is thrilling. With the sky-high price of the Milan Red, you don’t have to choose between fashion and form or between high tech and artistic. You get the best of both worlds with this engineering marvel that grabs attention and steals the spotlight on every road it travels.