Meet the Phenomenal BYTON K-Byte Concept

Very few people actually get excited over an electric saloon. But, believe us, the BYTON K-Byte Concept is something that will definitely perk your interests. The Chinese brand have built something that possesses level four autonomous driving, which is absolutely crazy. In other words, the K-Byte is “fully autonomous” and is capable of completing driving functions and monitoring road conditions safely, all on its own.

Hence why the company heavily promotes that aspect of the car. They suggest the K-Byte is a “living and working space,” where you can “enjoy the benefits of being chauffeured without being confined to the back seat.”

To achieve that level of autonomous driving, they’ve integrated sensors and cameras into its design, with LIDAR submerged into the A-pillars and placed cleverly into the roof. That means you will be able to see them, but BYTON aren’t trying to shy away from that. Chief Designed – Benoit Jacob – stated, “You don’t have to hide sensors, but you can definitely stage them. This will ensure that the saloon concept is suitable for the future.”

Now, the popularity of saloons is far greater in China, which is probably why they’ve decided to produce one. With that being said, it will go on sale their first, and spread across to Europe and US over the next four years. BYTON aren’t a one trick pony, though. Their first concept was an SUV labelled the M-Byte, and their future plan includes the K-Byte, plus a seven-seat MPV.

It’s a beautiful which really does allow you to feel like you’ve travelled forward a few decades. With a futuristic front grille which has been dubbed a ‘Smart Surface’, a touchscreen that spends the width of the dashboard and a tablet incorporated into the steering wheel, it’ll be nothing like you’ve witness before. Those are the same features that you’ll find in their M-Byte, which they expect it to be contested by the Jaguar I-Pace in 2019.

In terms of specs, they haven’t yet been released, but you’d expect them to be similar to their SUV. If so, you’ll get 268-BHP from an electric motor, with an option to upgrade to a 468-BHP motor that powers each axle, and the base model could have a battery range of 248 miles. Performance is not what BYTON are relying on, though, it’s their technology.

Moreover, it seems as though the Chinese manufacturer are gearing up for volume production, with their new Nanjing headquarters and manufacturing facility being capable of churning out 300,000 vehicles a year. Funnily enough, that same HQ isn’t far from where they revealed the K-Byte concept, which was at the CES Asian event in Shanghai. In addition, they have a software development office in Silicon Valley, and a design centre in Munich.

Furthermore, the company have recently claimed another $500 million in investment from FAW Group. That means they’re taking their venture into the e-car scene very seriously, and will hope their K-Byte will outshine competitors such as Tesla, Jaguar and Infiniti.

If you fancy one of these, then you can customize it exactly how you want it before you purchase it. The Augmented Reality BYTON app allows you to select the main elements such as body colour and wheel design, then it will show you a visual representation of what you’ve selected. That means you’ll receive exactly what you’ve paid for!