Meanest Sports Car Ever? Apollo Intensa Emozione

“Apollo IE” for most people, who see it for the first time, is an odd looking, mean machine; after all, this carbon fiber hyper-car has all the features of a fierce beast. For firsts, it is blazing fast, with a maximum speed of 335kmhr. A mighty 6.3L, naturally Aspirated V12 engine, lies at the heart of the beast. Drivers who only drive automatic should run because the transmission is manual.

Let’s take a look at all the features of the latest Apollo, everything you will need to know. We also reveal the story behind the Apollo Intensa Emozione (IE). In short, all the bits and nuggets of information are discussed.

Most Hyper-cars are Softies, Apollo’s IE is Tough

Norman Choi, the creator of the IE, demands more from a car. While we care if the car will get us from point A to B, Mr. Choi wants vehicles that arouse feelings inside him. Put simply; he craves a challenge from his cars. Unlucky he is, since most of the crème de la crème of hyper-cars, don’t meet Mr. Choi’s standards. He says that they are extremely easy to drive.

A man innovates to solve his problems; thus Mr. Choi fashioned the Apollo IE, to settle his teething troubles. The hyper-car attempts to revive the die-hard driving experience from the past, while attempting to remain easy to handle on the tarmac.

Features such as turbo and hybrid resistance are intentionally missing. Even so, the 6.3L engine is enough; sometimes it gets so loud that your ears will hurt if you come to close. Apollo’s redline, on its rev counter, starts at 9,000 rpm, but you can go up to 11, 000 rpm.

Apollo IE Was Designed at Home

Mr. Choi lives and works from Hong Kong, but his design team is based in the United Kingdom. During its development, the designers sketched and modeled the car at the comfort of their homes. Their approach is commendable, and consistent with today’s trends, where more teams are working from home, and defying geographical limitations. As you can see, working from an office is not the only way to produce excellent results. Home is where creativity flows.

Apollo takes “Tailored and Custom-Built” to New Dimensions.

We are always bombarded with promotional jargon. While some car makers claim to offer “tailored solutions or custom-built cars,” Apollo takes this to new dimensions. Instead of traditional seats, clients get a carbon tub, which is aesthetically pleasing. Cushions and padding occupy the part a typical chair would. The pedals and the steering wheel are also adjustable.

Pads can be made according to the driver’s body shape. Drivers who gain weight or change body size can have their dimensions re-measured, and pad adjusted to guarantee comfort. For any modifications, here and there, drivers can talk to Apollo’s Engineers.

They will try their best to accommodate them; for instance, users can adjust the luggage compartment according to space needed although space is hard to come by in a hyper-car with a large engine at the back and radiator at the front.

More about the Massive Engine

You will not miss hearing the words, “world's fastest car, most powerful supercar” among other mumbo jumbos from companies. The competition to be the fastest or the powerful has no place in Apollo and certainly not in IE.

While true, this hyper-car has seriously impressive numbers. Its V-12 engine produces 780 horsepower and will reach a top speed of 333kph. However, its primary focus is not to upset anyone’s records; instead, to provide a challenging alternative driving experience.

Charm of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is durable, light, but unfortunately expensive. Only those who pay top dollar can claim this coat, which is the case in Apollo IE. Expect to spend about £2M ($2.65M) for the car. Additionally, the car’s monocoque utilizes the same materials used for front and rear sub-frames.

A benefit of using carbon is that the car becomes compact and light than other cars, which use metal. To get an idea of how light carbon is, consider that the sub-frame and monocoque, only weigh 105 kg. For a supercar, its 1,250 kg total weight is also impressive.

Apollo’s IE looks Incredible.

When it comes to looks, the car dazzles, and will elicit numerous stares anywhere it goes. The wing on the back makes the car look like a flying machine. Your eyes will flow smoothly over its chiseled vents and gullies. One glance at the car will keep you coming back for more and more.

Be informed, none of the looks, are meant for decorative purposes. First, its low height ride helps Apollo IE to generate a downforce of 1350kg at speeds of 300kmhr. Also, the various shapes of the dive planes, gullies, wings, are instrumental in streamlining and channeling air. This also keeps the car cool as its slices air like a razor. It takes only 2.7 seconds for the car to reach 100kph.

Only 10 Apollo IE to Be Made

A downside of the hyper-car is its insufficient supply. We can agree that, at its price of £2M ($2.65M), prospective buyers will not be many. After this, the company will move on to the next production and concept.

If you have the dough, you will join the Apollo’s Time Attack series. The company will invite you to offer advice during the development of the next IE. Also, you receive the first news about their new cars, such as Arrow.

Apollo Main Aim

The company is not merely focused on creating flashy cars. Members of the team want to create excellent products. Final thought about IE; it is old-school but swift.