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McLaren 720S Goes on a Diet with the New Track Pack

By Tim Charlet on October 9, 2018

The lean and mean just got leaner and meaner. The popular McLaren 720S supercar introduced a new package to automotive journalists that singles out the owners who want to hit the track. The new package, referred to as the Track Pack sheds an estimated 53 pounds from the McLaren 720S, and adds advanced engineering that should improve on-track performance. A recent report indicated that a select number of altered 720S’s will be configured – and all of them on a customized basis.

The McLaren 720S follows the lead of the 570S Coupe Track Pack that debuted in 2016. The new Track Pack on the 720S sheds weight by focusing first on removing creature comforts – for example, infotainment system, and standard seating. However, it also swaps out the existing aluminum components for lighter weight carbon fiber – such as the hood and rear fender air intakes, replacing existing sport alloy wheels for ultra-light 10-spoke variants, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler for starters.

On the inside, standard seating is swapped out with carbon fiber racing seats with minimal cushioning so it’s not really built for comfort – it’s built for speed (in my best Hoyt Axton voice). If they choose, 720S consumers can opt for the cushioned carbon-fiber seating, which is easily swapped out with the racing seats for those long trips. The sporty steering wheel receives a shave and trim, while a titanium bar has been added which support the six-point racing harness seatbelts for both driver and passenger.

The Track Pack isn’t completely racetrack-only. In fact, to show off their track skills, consumers will have the ability to press the play button on one of their three built-in cameras that are linked to the McLaren’s data-logging system. This not only allows drivers to upload video to share via social media, but more importantly – permits engineers to review data and fine-tune the suspension and engine for optimal performance.

So – what will a new McLaren 720S cost you? Well, considering the current cost is slightly south of $300,000, the extra $37,000 on top for the 720S Performance package shouldn’t much of a sticker-shock to their intended audience. Of course, if the Track Pack is just too tame for you, there is word that a GT3 track only version coming soon – for a nominal $100,000 price bump.

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