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Mazda Vision Coupe

By Zlatan Stankovic on October 27, 2017

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show has come round fast this year, and Mazda seems to have already stolen the show with its Vision Coupe concept. Although the rumors said that Mazda would unveil an RX-9 at this year’s show, they have blown everyone away already with this four door concept which has still stuck true to their Kodo design language.

The concept is influenced by the RX-Vision concept that they gave us two years ago at the Motor Show. The similarities between the two cars are undeniable. Long hood, classic curving roof-line and nose overhang are just the beginning. In fact, the two concepts side by side seem to be the two door and four door version, respectively.

Mazda itself has described the shape as having the golden ratio of classic coupes, wanting the body to exude sportiness and performance. Mazda wants to highlight the negative spaces in the design of the car, taking advantage of light and shadow. This shows most in the lack of creases and lines on the body, leaving the entire shape of the car flowing beautifully as one.

The most obvious feature of this concept is the hood, which extends beyond the grille and features small headlights which are inset to make the hood even more impressive. Akin to the two door concept seen in 2015, the roof-line is almost one single panel, starting at the hood and rising up over the car and down to the trunk. Four exhaust tips and a convex surface forming a spoiler give the Vision concept a modern and sleek look.

The interior of the car has not been overlooked either, real leather and wood trim make up a stylish and luxurious cabin. The analogue instruments staying true to Mazda’s goal of natural feeling cabins. Featuring a manual gearbox in the center, and an incredibly simple yet elegant three spoke steering wheel.

Perhaps the most excellent piece of design in the interior of this car is its infotainment system. As with everything these days it is touchscreen, but when not in use it becomes transparent so blends into its surroundings. This key piece of design allows the driver to focus on the road and not become distracted by unnecessary information when they don’t need it. It is this that also helps Mazda achieve their goal of a natural interior – providing all the mod cons of modern driving, but letting the gadgets blend into the background.

Mazda however have not provided any mechanical details as of yet, letting only small tidbits through such as using a piston-less power-trains only to extend the electric car range.

As well as the Vision Coupe concept, Mazda are also revealing the Kai concept – hinting at a possible future for Mazda3 in Tokyo. Mazda are also hinting that they have strong intentions to sell the Vision Coupe in showrooms in the near future. All Mazda have said for definite is that they want to keep the relationship between man and car as intimate as it always has been, stating that cars are members of the family and they want to keep it that way.

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