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Lamborghini Futuristic Concept: Terzo Millennio

By Zlatan Stankovic on November 9, 2017

One year ago, October 2016 to be precise, Automobili Lamborghini signed an agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Conceptualizing and creating technologies for future supercars was the primary motive for the partnership.

Recently launched, is an all-electric supercar, labeled the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, the product of this collaboration. However don’t get excited, it is only a concept, you cannot buy the car yet. However, it shows what can be achieved, and things to anticipate. Some of the proposed technologies are futuristic, transcending, what is available today.

A tease of what is in the future: Terzo Millennio will strive to, heal itself when damaged, charge within a few minutes, retain the sound of the V-12 engine, and have four motors at located at each wheel.

A Closer Peek at Terzo Millennio

Terzo Millennio, is an Italian name, meaning “third millennium.” In the tech world, the term signifies technologies and innovations that may be realized in the distant future. That means these proposed technologies are not short-term projects, to be incorporated in the next generation of Lamborghinis.

However, the company is trying to solve one challenge “designing the car of future.” Of course, the future is the complete electrification of all cars. Gasoline engines will become replaced with hybrids and completely electric vehicles.

Yes, there are electrical supercars in existence, however, their energy storage systems, propulsion systems, materials used, and designs, needs improvement. All in all, a lot needs to be done.

That is where two laboratories at MIT come in; the “Mechanosynthesis Group” headed by Prof. John Hart from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the “Dinca Research Lab,” run by Prof. MirceaDinca from the chemistry department. Both heavily funded by Lamborghini, aim to produce future innovations in material science and energy systems respectively.

Already, true to the genius of the students and professors, they have given us remarkable ideas for the third millennium. Terzo Millennio first looks spectacular regarding looks. The design team has aimed at making the car, more aerodynamic and lightweight. Space that is not utilized is exposed as opposed to being covered by body panels. Every component, panel, and space, is purposefully used. Further improvements include:

Energy Storage Systems

Since electricity is the future, its storage and use are critical to the performance of the car. To allow for high performance the team proposes the use of supercapacitors, instead of conventional electric batteries. The latter can't provide huge peaks of power demanded by the supercar.

Turning the body into an accumulator for energy storage, proposed by the team, also aims at ensuring there is enough power for optimum performance. How is it possible? The idea is to use tiny carbon nanotubes, fused into the entire body instead of using one large capacitor. With the body constructed using carbon fiber, it could mean a faster and lighter car.

Innovation in Materials

As a construction material, carbon is prone to material cracking and breaking. This poses a huge challenge since the team aims to construct each component using carbon. The material will also have fluids flowing through its layers, being a supercapacitor. Fortunately, the MIT-Italy Program has a radical solution: enable the car to self-repair. Terzo Millennio will actively self-monitor its carbon structure for damage. Once detected, cracks and fractures will be filled with healing chemistries flowing in the microtubes.

As radical as it sounds, the ideas seem probable and at the same time allows for the use of carbon, entirely. Even in high-stress areas prone to cracks, carbon, as seen can be used instead of strong but heavier materials. In addition to guaranteeing safety, this feature also keeps the weight low, and energy efficiency optimum.


An exciting development of the Terzo Millennio is the generation of torque directly at the wheels. Using its powertrain wires will feed electricity, to four electrical motors that will create the necessary propulsion to drive the vehicle forward. That gives freedom to the design since it is unconstrained.

The challenge that still exists is generating enough power befitting of a sports car while keeping the weight in check. Further developments will aim to make this idea feasible.

Sound & Emotion

Automobili Lamborghini customers buy more than a vehicle. They purchase the whole driving experience, and a huge part of that is sound. Because it is an electric car, there is no V12 engine, to roar to life. In fact, the electric vehicles can be completely silent. To compensate the team will search for all opportunities to make sounds.

However, what Terzo Millennio lacks in sound, makes up in the architecture and aerodynamics. Looking at the car stirs up good emotions from deep within. Every detail, every curve, and corner is so perfect and refined, to say the least. It is indeed a visionary design.

Looking to the future a lot could change. New concepts, designs or collaborations, might be in the works. Automobili Lamborghini will try to improve the electrification process, though its solution of storing energy in the body is revolutionary.

What is going on in Boston, will be applied to other cars and inspire new models. We don’t know when the vehicle will enter production. The only thing certain is that Lamborghini cares and prepares for the future, with gusto.

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