Jeremy Clarkson Recovers After Pneumonia Scare

After presenting Top Gear between 1988 and 2015, Jeremy Clarkson is now a household name in the UK as well as all around the world alongside his two co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May. Of course, the dynamic trio have now moved across to the Amazon-owned ‘The Grand Tour’ but it hasn't all been plain sailing and, just last week, there was a serious scare regarding Jeremy’s health.

While enjoying a vacation in Majorca, it was said that Jeremy started showing the signs of pneumonia before requiring medical assistance. However, not much was made of the news until his column, in the Sunday Times in the UK, offered more detail on the event.

According to Clarkson, he didn't ask for medical treatment right way despite ‘spasming’ for three nights while in bed. After the doctors ran the necessary tests, they found it was pneumonia and a rather severe case at that.

CRP Test

- When anybody experiences the symptoms of pneumonia, doctors will run what we call a ‘CRP’ test which looks at the C-reactive protein levels in the blood. In a healthy person, the CRP levels should be around five yet Clarkson’s results revealed an astonishing ‘337’. When our bodies have an infection, they produce more CRP so this extortionate level worried doctors and Clarkson alike.


- Fortunately, the required treatment was provided before the condition could develop further and, according to Clarkson’s Instagram profile, he is well on the road to recovery in the sun. Despite being hooked up to an IV line and in a wheelchair, he seemed to be positive and also thanked fans for their support.

Eventful Beginnings

- As we’re well aware, this is the second major scare for the trio and their fans after Richard Hammond’s accident just a few months ago. While driving a Rimac supercar, Hammond, or ‘The Hamster’ as he is affectionally known, fractured a knee and put the new series in doubt. Despite this, the second season of The Grand Tour is expected in October and fans from all over the world can’t wait to see the three back in action!