Jeep Cherokee Rejuvenated with a Modern Look for 2019

Despite not being released until 2019, Jeep have recently revealed images of their latest Cherokee. Now, although the majority of the finer details haven’t yet been explained, it’s still evident that there has been a number of exterior changes.

So, one of the most noticeable changes is the headlights, even though plenty of people were expecting it; the current split headlights have been redesigned into single units. This has subsequently allowed the nose to form a more conventional look, similar to that of the Compass or the Grand Cherokee. The front bumper, as well as the grille, now possess a rounder appearance, but fortunately you can still recognize it as a true Cherokee.

But, there’s also been some significant alterations to the back of the vehicle, with the position of the license plate moving, due to a difference in the rear bumper. This has resulted in a much more streamlined design, and the space where the license plate used to be, is now filled with faux skid plates.

All in all, that’s all that can be identified from the official images that Jeep have supplied the market with, so time will tell whether there have been any interior or mechanical changes. However, there has been an inkling towards an improvement in powertrain options, and developments to the transmission and engine, in the latest Jeep press release.

Keep an eye for the debut of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee in January!