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Introducing the Turbine 420RR Motorcycle from MTT

By Zlatan Stankovic on August 17, 2017

Over the years, we seen some dramatic experiments with the motorcycle. Today, they have a history spanning nearly 150 years and manufacturers from all over the world have experimented with different engines in order to utilize the internal combustion which has been, in comparison, less than flexible.

For example, we’ve seen electric, steam power, and even the Wankel Rotary Engine through the years as the smartest motorcycle minds in the world look for new ways to provide safety and fun. With a simple search online, you can read about some of the most outlandish experiments including a helicopter turbine being placed in the frame; this created what could be the fastest ever motorcycle in existence.


- Within the market today, Marine Turbine Technologies (MTT) remains as one of the oldest manufacturers. In over a century since their launch, they’ve built some of the greatest generators, boat turbines, and firefighting equipment in existence. Eventually, this led to the turbine-powered ‘Y2K’ super bike. With 320 horsepower under the throttle, the bike could reach up to 230mph and each model was hand-built to order. Sadly, time constraints and many other factors meant MTT had to put this project on the back-burner and concentrate on their primary product; 3,000 horsepower boat turbines. However, this could be about to change!

According to Motorcycle News, MTT might just be making their grand re-entrance back into the market with a model called ‘420RR’. With the RR standing for ‘Race Ready’, MTT will be using a Rolls Royce M250 turbine for power; for context, this is the very same unit found in the OH-58 Kiowa and other choppers…in the army.

Currently, the bike is still in the early stages so we aren't close to it being available just yet. However, experts believe MTT to be making good progress on a bike that’ll offer 420 horsepower and torque of up to an incredible 600 ft-lb. If all the information we have is correct, this could provide a competitor for the Spaceball One in terms of speed alone.

As far as information goes, there isn't too much to provide unfortunately. This being said, rumors suggest that MTT is working with Ohlins for the suspension (along with the brakes) which could prove to be a pivotal step for the bike. In order for the bike to handle well, these two features will need to be high-quality and sustainable. Digging further into the rumors, a GPR steering damper could be in order alongside BST custom carbon wheels.

Of course, there will be one question on the lips of all our readers; what’s the price? In truth, we can’t blame you for this because we’re super excited too but we don’t have any concrete information worth sharing just yet. If we look at the price of the Y2K as a guide, we can suggest the 420RR will be expensive (understatement of the year?).

If you head over to the MTT Facebook page, you can watch a 420RR prototype on a dyno but be warned because it sounds like a turbo jet, the Batmobile, and rocket all in one!

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