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Introducing the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo

By Zlatan Stankovic on September 26, 2017

If there was one number or statistic we could bring you to demonstrate the great power of this new McLaren model, it would be the astonishing 1,150 horsepower. Before you get too excited, it’s actually going to be released in the new Gran Turismo Sport video game and the McLaren boasts a 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 engine (as seen in the 720S). As a hybrid setup, the front wheels offer electric motors and the torque of 940 lb-ft is nothing short of amazing.

In addition to the clear power it has with four-digit horsepower, the design itself is like something from the future or, failing that, something you might see in a movie but never in real life. As a concept, McLaren has already stated that it’s their vision for what high-performance cars will look like in 2030. For all players of the Gran Turismo video game, they’ll be able to choose from three configurations; Noir, Ulterior, and Performance. With each offering a different livery and certain to open up debates about which is one ‘better’, we just can’t get over the power and unbelievable speed this model would offer.

Of course, the fact it’s in a video game meant that McLaren had creative license to add features that wouldn't otherwise be available in a road car. Therefore, carbon fiber was used heavily for the chassis as well as the upper structure and this allowed the weight to be limited to 1,000kg. With the P1 GTR coming in at 1,400kg, the McLaren makes it seem a little on the chubby side.

As a single-seater only, visibility is boosted in the teardrop cabin thanks to a wide glass area. Just as you might expect, every single inch of the exterior has been carefully-designed with aerodynamics in mind and this allows for even more speed.

If you own a PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to drive this futuristic concept on October 17 when the game gets released. If you’re anything like us, you’ll get excited by the very appearance of the McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo so driving it around famous circuits is something we’re very much looking forward to doing. With the hybrid powertrain as the center of attention, we’re also excited that we’re going to be pushing closer to a model like this every single year. If McLaren are right with their 2030 prediction, we have every right to look forward to the future of the auto industry!

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