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Hyundai’s Elite Genesis Essentia Headed into Production

By Tim Charlet on September 14, 2018

Genesis, the upscale brand of Hyundai is preparing to send it’s electric supercar the Essentia into production, according to a recently printed report.. To keep the exclusive nature of this highly-anticipated vehicle, the production run will be quite limited.

Genesis turned the New York Auto Show on its head by debuting the Essentia, a beautiful and upscale electric coupe with a curvy carbon fiber body that features butterfly doors. While most concept vehicles never break through to reality, the announcement that the Genesis Essentia is headed to production with expected arrival in mid-2020. The bad news is that this new supercar is expected to be Hyundai’s most expensive to-date.

Hyundai describes the Genesis Essentia as both electric and electrifying. The Essentia is built with lightweight carbon-fiber with an electric powertrain that sits on a low-profile platform in classic GT proportions. Along-side of the grille is a set of flush-mounted quad-style headlamps – similar in many ways to the GV80 concept. Mounted behind the front-wheels are functional air outlets that help to reduce drag and pressure build-up. The net result – is a sleek, smooth and elegant supercar that flat out flies.

The Essentia has an impressive 50-inch high roofline, in what engineers have described as an “anti-wedge” character line. Butterfly doors are opened by fingerprint sensors and a biometrical facial-recognition system that is hidden on the B-pillar. The Genesis Essentia features a minimalist interior design – as nearly everything inside is digital. Cognac leather seats with blue velvet fabric is appointed overhead. The Essentia also features a revolutionary vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communications platform which relays up to the second information on accidents, road conditions, and traffic jams. The Essentia can also remote connect to your homes HVAC and security systems, lights and other Wi-Fi controlled systems.

While several creature comfort elements have been strategically ‘leaked’ to the media, general information on the electric powerplant and performance ratings on the new 2020 Genesis Essentia are incredibly sparse. However, it is expected that this new Hyundai supercar will achieve a zero to 60 time sub three seconds.

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