How to Buy a Dependable Used Subaru

Subaru’s are popular consumer cars and sport utility vehicles in the United States. Whether due to the flexibility and excessive cabin space, or the all-wheel drive capability, it’s common to find a Subaru traveling roads in metro areas, suburban, and in remote locations. While they hold up quite well to frequent use, if they are not properly maintained, they can develop serious mechanical problems sooner than later. To avoid the potential of buying lemon, follow these 3 easy steps for buying a used Subaru.

First – Always Purchase from a Dealership – Not a Private Owner

While there are several good people out there – and several bad used car dealerships, the truth is that you’ll find better value by purchasing a used Subaru through a dealership. There are several reasons for this fact:

  • A dealership has a brand and reputation to protect. In today’s consumer-driven and online world, having a strong brand is critical for growth of any business. This holds true especially with used car dealerships. They’ll ensure every used vehicle they sell is in the best possible condition, to avoid the potential of selling a consumer a lemon that will lead to negative reviews online. A private owner doesn’t care what happens after they have their money in most cases.
  • Dealerships can repair issues before the sale if needed. If you’re shopping for a used Subaru, and find a problem during the test drive, you’ll discover that the dealership will often volunteer to repair the issue before the sale. Private owners typically sell a car “as is”.

Second – Demand a Vehicle History Report Before You Sign

The US Consumer Protection Agency has established a series of laws that protects consumers from buying a lemon. In fact, it’s called Lemon Laws – which are unique to each US state. One way to verify the condition of any vehicle is to receive a Vehicle History Report or VIN report. This will document any accidents the vehicle has been involved in, and any major repairs completed. You never want to purchase a used car that was in an accident – as it’s hard to know if all repairs were completed. This is especially true with all-wheel drive Subaru’s – like a Legacy wagon for example.

Third – Shop Around and Take Your Time

When you purchase a used Subaru, always take your time and never rush into a sale. The best advice we can offer here is to follow these three steps:

  • Browse online inventories of at least (4) Subaru dealerships.
  • Pick (3) possible vehicles to inspect onsite – and test drive ones you really like.
  • Visit all dealerships and complete this process at each one (don’t be intimidated by sales people or feel forced to buy).
  • Head home and review the Pro’s and Con’s of buying each vehicle. When you’ve found the right match for you, head to the dealership and make an offer.

Buying a used Subaru is a rather simple process, when you follow these 3 easy tips. The best piece of advice we can offer is to be cautious, take your time, and find a Subaru that fits your budget, style, and needs best.

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