How About a VR6-Powered VW Arteon R with Over 400bhp?

Ever since it came out there has always been something missing with the Volkswagen Arteon; there’s never been a version which could compete with super cars in terms of power, or get the blood boiling of true car enthusiasts.

Now, it’s previously come close with the 2.0-litre TSI model which clocked up an impressive 276bhp, but for many that still wasn’t quite enough. So, why have VW never pushed a faster version of their Arteon into the production line?

Well, there are several factors to be considered – some point towards downsizing, whereas others would talk about the difficulty adhering to emissions regulations. But, VW have now decided to try and create the missing piece of the Arteon jigsaw, by developing an amazing VR6 version in Wolfsburg.

During the launch of the new VW Polo GTI, spokesperson Martin Hube stated that they’ve been working on a 3.0-litre turbocharged VR6 engine, which will top the 2.5-litre one that slots in the Teramont. For those that are unaware, the Teramont is an alternative model of the Atlas, which is sold on the Chinese market.

Luckily for those that have been waiting a long time for this, there’s already a prototype of it, and 404bhp was recorded. Martin Hube said, “I’m totally convinced that this combination is extremely nice.”

He continued, “We’ve combined it with the last version of the Haldex, where you can provoke a bit of oversteer. This is a real agile, powerful car. You can beat all the Porsche Panameras out of your way!”

Although, to finish on a down note, VW UK claimed that the car is unlikely to reach the UK, and it’s still only being tested by Wolfsburg. However, car lovers keep your fingers crossed, because the VR6-powered Arteon R may just make it onto the market.