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Gasoline Engine Will Be Aston Martin’s Choice for Varekai

By Zlatan Stankovic on April 17, 2018

Originally, it was thought that Aston Martin would include both electric and plug-in hybrid options for the Varekai SUV. But, reports are now suggesting that the British manufacturer is going to swerve those plans and opt solely for a gasoline engine. So, don’t expect a diesel variant, because there won’t be one.

Andy Palmer, a chief at Aston Martin, is one of those that truly stands behind the future of gasoline, and essentially dismisses that of diesel… “My belief for a long time is that diesel’s life is limited. Ultimately it’s dead.” He continued by addressing the potential for a plug-in hybrid, stating – “It’s probably a convenient stepping stone but it’s not one we need.”

The decision to focus on gasoline may come as a surprise to the market though, considering early speculation pointed to as many as five engine variants. Plus, the DBX concept that was released was an EV, which highlighted the possibility of the Varekai arriving in electric form at some point.

Moreover, up until this point, the brand has been orientated around class and power. On top of that, models such as the BD11 and the Vantage have been used heavily by none other than James Bond, which is why a large portion of their audience is male. However, Aston Martin are endeavouring to give the Varekai a whole new look to mix luxury with performance, in a bid to attract more female buyers.

On another note, Aston Martin are looking to create some EVs though, but through their sub-brand – Lagonda. The first will most likely be the Lagonda Vision which is a premium sedan, but Automotive News Europe state an electric SUV won’t be far behind.

Ultimately, If the Varekai SUV has taken your fancy, then be prepared to wait… these will roll off the production line at their St Athan factory in late 2019 or early 2020.

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