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Fenyr SuperSport Returns

By Zlatan Stankovic on December 11, 2017

Back in 2012, Beirut was just about to welcome W Motors as one of the newest and most exciting high-performance car manufacturers in the world. Soon after, they announced the release of the Lykan HyperSport and it featured in Fast and Furious 7 after being driven across from one skyscraper to another (unrealistic? maybe, but it looked fantastic!).

With the movie release in 2015, the manufacturer caught the eye of many and they revealed a second model at the Dubai Motor Show later that same year; the Fenyr SuperSport. Well, it’s back and the company, with their headquarters now in Dubai, has released several renders along with a video showing what they call a ‘production model’.

If we compare these latest images to what we saw a couple of years ago, it would be fair to say they look the same. However, this is certainly a positive thing because it clearly stands out among all the other sports cars on the market. When a car stands out, it becomes unique and memorable so they’ve done well to retain the bulk of what we saw in 2015.

When it comes to the specs, the vehicle utilizes a flat-six 4.0-liter engine. Coupled with two turbochargers, the model is expected to provide a whopping 900 horsepower in addition to 885 lb-ft of torque and over 7,000rpm. As you can see, this is impressive (to say the least!) but it continues because the weight has been kept to a minimum thanks to the carbon fiber body. At just 2,650 pounds, the engineers have done an unbelievable job at keeping the weight low and this could be important.

With a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, all the power will go straight to the rear wheels and there’s also a limited slip differential. With the design team, it’s time to praise them again because the Fenyr SuperSport is going to be available on both left- and right-hand drive markets. Either way, it takes just 2.7 seconds for the car to reach 62mph from a sitting position and the top speed is believed to be just under 250mph.

As far as details go, this is all we have but we can take a leaf from the debut two years ago. If we were to do this, production will be limited to 25 cars. With the sheer performance and genius design/engineering on offer, we can guarantee the model won’t come cheap; unfortunately, we don’t have a price to work with just yet. If we’re to use the Lykan HyperSport as a reference point, this was available upon release for $3.4 million. Perhaps out of our own budgets, but this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the beautiful vehicle!

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