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Buick is Targeting the SUV Market with Their Enspire Concept

By Bryan D on April 20, 2018

Buick opted against a lengthy build-up of anticipation and have released their Enspire concept after just a single teaser. It’s set to be fully unveiled in Beijing on April 25, but the concept images provide you with enough to get excited about. According to Buick, it’s an SUV that can hit 60-MPH in just four seconds and can notch up an impressive 550-BHP from an electric powertrain.

Yes, you read that right, the Enspire will be electric based. They’ve stated that it will have a 370-mile range, which is more than sufficient. But, if you ever do find yourself short of electricity, Buick have introduced a fast charging method which will regain 80-percent of the capacity in just 40 minutes.

As for the exterior, it’s incredibly elegant. The stocky grille transitions seamlessly into the narrow LED headlights, while the hefty intakes on either side give the vehicle an element of dominance. Smooth, crisp lines travel around the side of the car, while a floating roof gives it a futuristic touch. To keep the theme consistent, the rear also features a narrow strip of LED lighting.

Moving onto the interior, the American company have stated that it’s gone for “surround skyline”, but no images have emerged yet. Although, judging by the exterior, it’s a safe assumption that it will be rather high-tech. They’re envisioning a cabin where the windshield becomes a head-up display through augmented reality.

Imagine that… a navigation system which is literally pointing you in the right direction! To add some luxury to the motor, they’ve chosen a combination of wood and suede to encase the centre console and armrests.

Stay tuned for more information on the Enspire Concept!

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