Brand-New JCW Concept And Current Mini Lineup

As we get closer to the Frankfurt Motor Show, we can start to get excited about the new releases within the coming weeks, months, and years. Whether you’re a fan of Lamborghini sports cars or perhaps even the classic Mini, this is the time of year where the excitement bubbles and we get an insight into what direction the auto industry is taking.

If we stick with the Mini for now, we’ve already seen the Electric concept after information was released not so long ago. Now, we have a brand-new concept from Mini and it’s nothing short of special. Known as the Mini John Cooper Works GP, this 2018 model is following the six-year trend of this particular series after the 2012 Mini John Cooper Works GP as well as the 2006 Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit. Designed with the track in mind, we’re hoping the JCW GP Concept will capture enough attention that Mini put it into production quickly but we know that each predecessor of this model had around 2,000 examples before the final release.

If we compare this concept with what we would consider a ‘standard’ Mini Cooper, the first change you’ll notice is the width and this comes with large rear and front aprons, a prominent roof spoiler (this steals the show for many), and large side skirts. Furthermore, there’s also some front air scoops that are getting everybody talking and we’re hoping they’ll have function alongside the aesthetics. In addition to these features, it’s a little tough to miss the huge rear wing too.

Elsewhere, carbon fiber can be found everywhere you look with the chassis sitting on 19-inch wheels and this will provide a superb power-to-weight ratio. With this in mind, what else can be found under the hood? Although we would love to be the people that bring you the news, Mini hasn't yet told of any performance specs which leaves us holding on for a little while longer. Of course, we must remember that this model is just a concept and how could we forget with the stripped interior? Leaving just a roll cage alongside a paddle-shift transmission, five-point harnesses, and a digital instrument cluster, the interior is basic which only leaves us wondering what the final product could transform into.

Although Mini has been relatively quiet about the whole affair up to this point, we have heard from a Senior Vice President at BMW Group Design. In a recent interview, Adrian Van Hooydonk started by giving Mini a glowing reference and by highlighting their history across the world. After this, he noted how this Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept utilizes the defining ‘Mini’ features while making them sportier and more exciting. Ultimately, he said they wanted to offer maximum performance and, if the pictures are anything to go by, they’ve certainly succeeded.

As the Frankfurt Motor Show gets closer, we’ll bring you more news as well as covering this Mini Concept from beginning to end with all the most important (and reliable!) news. However, why focus on the future when we can look at the present right now? If you’ve taken your eye off Mini recently, they now boast a superb range of vehicles and we’re going to break it down here today!

Mini John Cooper Works

First and foremost, we have what is considered to be the most powerful Mini in the history of the company with a six-speed automatic gear box, a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine, lighter wheels, and an improved suspension. According to Mini, this beautiful model offers 231 horsepower as well as optimized aerodynamics which further improves performance to a level not previously seen in this corner of the market.

Over the years, Mini has come to be known for many different things and color is certainly one of them. If you were to choose the Mini John Cooper Works, you could get your model in Electric Blue, Lapisluxury Blue, Melting Silver, White Silver, Volcanic Orange, British Racing Green, Chili Red, Moonwalk Grey, Midnight Black, Caribbean Aqua, and more. Ultimately, this means you can select a color that matches your style in addition to the needs of your family. Furthermore, the personalization doesn’t end there because you’ll have a choice between six different tires. In fact, the Mini Configurator allows you to really play with your options and build the right Mini for you.

Mini Hardtop 2/4 Door

Next up, we have the classic Mini Hardtop and this is available in two different options depending on whether you’re happy with two doors or you need the full four. However, the styles and designs are very similar and it’s a throwback to the classic Mini days. According to Mini themselves, they wanted to create a model that was as modern as can be yet still boasting a taste of tradition and this is what we have with the Mini Hardtop.

As always, you can make adjustments depending on your tastes and one of the most interest customization options is actually the ability to choose your engine. In the past, many manufacturers have allowed you to choose color, interior features, and certain other sections of the car but the engine normally comes as standard. With the Mini Hardtop, the first decision you have to make is between petrol and diesel. After this, you have a slightly easier decision (we hope) in automatic or manual. Once you have the answer to these two questions, you then have to choose between a 1.2, 1.5, or 2.0-liter engine. If you think this decision isn't important, it could be the difference between 102 horsepower and 231 horsepower so think carefully about your needs.

Mini Clubman

Next up, we have the *not so* Mini Clubman and a model that required a brave step from the manufacturers. With a longer and wider body than before, there are now five seats, a larger trunk, and more leg room, this can certainly be seen as a step outside the comfort zone for Mini but one that has been a major success.

Not only does it boast five seats, it also offers six doors and a significant amount of space for storage which shows the versatility of the brand. What’s more, the rear doors are split which makes access easy for people of all ages regardless of the need. In terms of design, Mini say the Clubman has been ‘sculpted’ to perfection for aerodynamics, performance, and accessibility. Not only does it look good from the outside, it genuinely is ‘good’ from the inside with the highest-quality materials in use at every step along the way.

For those who enjoy an experience when driving a car, the Clubman might be for you thanks to improved sound quality within the sound system, colorful displays, beautiful blend of lights on the exterior and interior, and a comfortable drive whether you’re going around the block or across multiple states.

Mini Countryman

If the Clubman was a step outside the comfort zone for Mini, the countryman was a huge leap because it’s the biggest Mini available in the US and around the world. According to Mini, it’s also their most adventurous vehicle with ALL4 all-wheel drive, new technology in all areas of the car, more room for storage and passengers, and an opportunity to personalize your vehicle. As standard, Mini seems to promote Chestnut as the main color but you can also choose Island Blue, Light White, Lapisluxury Blue, and British Racing Green II. Additionally, you can play around with the colors of the roof and mirrors which allows you to find the exact look you want.

Designed for those who regularly take trips and perhaps enjoy camping in the great outdoors, the Countryman offers ample room not only for cargo but also for everybody inside the vehicle. If you’re driving across the country, you and your friends will love the extra head room, leg room, and overall spacious nature of the vehicle.

Ultimately, the Mini really excels once you add in all the little benefits that won’t make or break your experience but instead make it more enjoyable nonetheless; this includes three driving modes, rain-sensing wipers, rear-park distance control, split-folding rear seats, heated mirrors, extensive entertainment system, rear-view camera (for parking), panoramic sunroof, and many more.

Mini Convertible

In the last option for the ‘standard’ selection of cars, we have the Mini convertible and this is one for those who love Mini cars as well as letting their hair down once in a while. Compared to the previous convertible option, performance has been improved with better engineering, there’s more space for all passengers and storage, and the interior has also been improved in terms of quality.

As we’ve touched upon all the way through, Mini like to offer as much customization and personalization as possible and this is highlighted with your choice of colors; Melting Silver, Volcanic Orange, Caribbean Aqua, Blazing Red, Electric Blue, Pepper White, and more.

Before moving on, we should talk about the three-in-one roof since this is unique to Mini and this particular model. As we know, convertible roofs can be open or they can be closed. However, Mini has taken this forward a step to provide a third option; half-open. No, we aren't talking about when the sunroof gets stuck. Instead, they’ve actually introduced an intermediate option if you don’t want the roof closed but you also don’t want it all the way open.

Mini Cooper S E Countryman

Finally, we have a plug-in hybrid model that allows you to run your vehicle off electricity, gas, or even both. Depending on where you are, whether the car is charged, and your unique situation, you can choose between these three options for complete flexibility. With a standard lithium-ion battery, you can charge the vehicle at most outlets in the US or you don’t even need to charge at all if you want to stick with traditional gasoline.

Ultimately, you can do your bit for the planet but without the inefficiencies that come with a 100% electric car. If you haven't had an opportunity to charge and you need to pop out quickly, this won’t be an issue for the Mini Cooper S E Countryman.


All things considered, Mini has taken some huge steps forward this year and we look forward to hearing more regarding the JCW Concept. As long as they continue their solid work within the market, there’s no reason to suggest they’ll lose any of the momentum they’ve worked so hard to build!