Boreas to Compete Against the Top Supercars?

Whenever we talk about supercars, you can almost guarantee they’re going to come out of either Germany or Italy since they both have a long and successful history within this niche. Over the years, many different countries have tried to compete but to no avail. In the coming years, it could just be Spain who launches the next attack thanks to DSD Design and their superb work in the industry.

Designed and built in the country, the Boreas could just capture the imagination of customers and experts alike. If you’re wondering about the name, the Boreas moniker has lots of history and it’s actually the name of the Greek god of winter. With winged feet (and a poor temper!), DSD has described their own version as the ‘black-winged personification of the cold north wind’. Fathering 12 colts during time as a stallion, these colts were able to run across grain fields without causing harm to a single plant.

Of course, we can’t promise the same ability for the vehicle since this would require more research and development time than there is time on Earth but the hypercar certainly looks promising. Following in the footsteps of Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche, the Boreas uses a hybrid engine and should allow drivers to reach nearly 250mph. According to the manufacturer, it should take the model just 2.8 seconds to reach 62mph. Could this be the competitor Spain has been looking for all this time?

If you aren't worried about lap times and getting to 62mph as quickly as possible, you should know that upwards of 62 miles has been promised for the electric side. Using a seven-speed gearbox, the torque between the electric-driven front wheels and gasoline-driven rear wheels is managed by specialized software.

Unfortunately, we don’t have full details regarding the model just yet so this means we’re still in the dark regarding suspension and aerodynamics. However, we do know they’re both being built in the DSD factories. Furthermore, the wheelbase will measure 108 inches and this is very close to the Porsche 911. In terms of appearance, it looks fierce, mean, and like something even the biggest manufacturers would take pride in creating.

According to DSD, only twelve examples are going to be produced and this is the downside. For those who have money and manage to become one of these luck dozen, they’ll be offering the car in left and right-hand drives. In terms of pricing, we have very little information so we can’t even speculate at this point. This being said, we expect a hefty price tag considering all owners will become part of a special group containing only eleven other members.

Will the Boreas compete with the major supercars? It certainly looks beautiful enough and we look forward to finding out more information as time goes on!