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Belgian Grandma Speeds in a Porsche and Gets Caught

By Zlatan Stankovic on July 27, 2017

Even the elderly could break the speed limit. A 79 grandma from Belgium did just that so that she could get some sleep. Covering a speed of 148 KPH, the senior citizen boldly said yes into the courtroom when the judge asked her if she was the driver of the Porsche Boxster GTS – the car she was driving that caused to face the consequences of her over speeding.

She also told the judge that she didn’t realize that she was driving very fast that night. It was a no problem for her to have the punishment of being banned from driving for four months and paying $4, 700 as a fine for the over speeding that she had made.

Let’s take a look on the car the Belgian grandma was driving and find out why she didn’t realize she was going beyond the speed limit but she didn’t notice it.

With a horsepower of 330 HP, the Porsche Boxster GTS gives you a thrill and exciting drive. Consumers who want to purchase the car would have $74, 600 as its retail price. With a top speed of 174 MPH, you are sure to have a thrill of driving this car. The combined speed and horsepower are only a few reasons why this car is one of the highly sought cars under the Porsche name.

Driving the Porsche Boxster GTS gives you a fuel consumption estimate of 19 mpg and a high way estimate of about 26 mpg.

Not bad if you are considering the amount of time you would be driving on the road. Aside from this, you would be amazed to know about the amount of fuel you would save if you drive the car. With a wheelbase of 97.4 in. and length of 173.4 in, the car is perfect for any client or driver who wants to experience the greatness of the car when it comes to its performance. In addition, the height of the car measuring about 50.1 in. gives you the satisfaction you need.

The Porsche Boxster GTS has also amazing features you would know. One of these is the 3.4-liter engine that gives you a gripping sound as you start the car. Having an exhaust that is in two modes gives distinctive sounds to the engine such as barking or a mellow sound when performing car operations.

Drivers and car enthusiasts have a few amazing things to look for in this car as the rear bumpers, the unique front and 20 inches wheels and headlight sounds make a great impression of excellence for the car. You would also be amazed by the wrapped leather in the seats, the shifter, the wheel rim, the instrument panels, the door handles and more give you a sure way having an excellent driving performance with the car.

Grandma might have faced the punishment of her over speeding but she is sure to be satisfied in driving the car due to the excellent speed, horsepower and special features it has. This is much better than being stuck in a long traffic. If you are looking to get your own Porsche head over to our Porsche inventory.

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