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BMW iNext Set to Make 2021 Debut

By Tim Charlet on September 20, 2018

BMW is set to introduce a new electric-powered crossover in 2021 – and they are calling it the Vision iNext. The newest entrant to the EV crossover segment is the first use of a brand-new vehicle platform. Debuted under the belly of a huge Boeing 777 F-Series at New York’s Kennedy Airport, this new BMW EV SUV is expected to arrive to dealerships in 2021 and use BMW’s first long-range battery.

BMW is referring to the Vision iNext as Project I 2.0. The initial Project i was a sub-brand name that was given to the i3 and i8. The Vision iNext makes a huge impression – especially from the front. It’s massive butterfly-style kidney grill really stands out – and is a smart edition, since EV’s don’t require a lot of air-intake that is needed for petrol-powered combustion engines. The headlights are stylized versions of BMW’s traditional four-eye look and feel – but embedded into the front end for a smooth appearance.

On the side, the Vision features a two-box outline that is quite similar in design to the Volvo XC40. Touch-sensitive suicide-doors are added to provide access to the interior – which is space-age in many ways. While you’d assume the interior is posh and opulent. Beyond the carbon-fiber passenger cell that really stands out – it’s an interior that you’d find in a luxury hotel.

Two expensive-looking flat screen displays stand out on the center console. The surface is a blend of turquoise carpet and wood. Touch sensors located underneath the rear seat detect the fingers input and leave light trails. The intent is to incorporate user-defined gestures to control swipes, drawing shapes or glyphs that can interact with the infotainment center. The iNext also features an onboard AI assistant, with specifics being kept close to the vest until the debut in 2021 approaches.

The problem with a physical debut of any concept car is the lack of details on powerplants, tech, and other goodies that will make this EV – go. As we approach 2020, BMW will begin its full marketing launch and begin to release the hounds to promote this highly-attractive EV crossover.

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