Audi Bursts onto the Coupe-SUV Scene with Brand-New Q8

Let’s face it, it was Bimmer who introduced the notion of driving around in a luxury coupe-SUV with their X6 over ten years ago. But, another outstanding German manufacturer – Audi – has now decided to venture into the market with the Q8 SUV. Those who stay in tune with Audi will know that their Q line features a range of high-riding cars.

Apparently, they’re meant to offer “the best of two worlds: the elegance of a five-door coupe and the versatility of a large SUV.” You can tell that the same philosophy has been followed for the Q8, as it’s near-enough the same size as the Q7 but seems more streamlined due to the sloping roofline.

It’s no surprise that Audi are competing with BMW and Mercedes-Benz for the title of best coupe-SUV, but it appears that they’ve got one over on the X6 and GLE-Coupe. Audi say that the cabin provides much more space than their rivals, which is something that potential buyers will be looking at as a huge plus-point.

Alongside the cabin, the Q8 has a cargo area that can carry 21.3 cubic-feet of luggage, and a whopping 61.9 cubic-feet when the rear seats are folded down. To give you an idea of how that translates to the real world, the German brand say the boot can easily hold two golf bags. Moreover, the Q8 will boast Audi’s new styling concept…

Like they did with the A8, they’ve given the Q8 a whole new attitude that is unique to all of the other cars in the Q line. Not only does it incorporate a single-frame grille with six chrome strips stretching from top to bottom, there’s also matrix LED headlights, dominating C-pillar and a sloping roofline. On the rear of the car, you’ll find LED taillights and a modern spoiler.

Jump inside, and you’ll discover two touchscreens that immersed into the center console for climate and infotainment, and a display behind the wheel for vehicle information. As for the chassis, Audi have utilized their ‘Space Frame’, which consists of 15-percent diecast aluminium and 14.4-percent robust steel. Resultantly, they say the Q8 will have “extraordinarily precise running behaviour.”

Under the hood, they’ve incorporated a 3.0-liter V6 TDI engine, which produces 286-BHP, 442 pound-feet of torque and whizzes from nought to 62-MPH in just 6.3 seconds. The power is delivered through an eight-speed tiptronic automatic transmission and the Quattro AWD system. There will be alternative versions, though; a less powerful TDI and a 340-BHP TFSI gasoline variant will be available.

Despite the strength up front, the ‘Space Frame’ means the Q8 weighs 4,728-pounds, which is impressive for an SUV. If you’re interested in the process of the Q8 – it’s being built in Bratislava, Slovakia, and will hit the German and European market towards the end of this, with the US following in 2019.