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Aston Martin Rapide Bows Out With Final AMR Version

By Bryan D on June 18, 2018

Aston Martin has consistently produced awesome sedans, but the Rapide will have its last hurrah when the final AMR version. Fans will be introduced to the high-performance sedan at the 24 Hours of Le Mans event, after months of teasing including the concept reveal at the Geneva Motor Show.

Car enthusiasts will notice that certain design elements of the new Rapide AMR share similarities with the Vantage AMR Pro. As you’d expect, it’s been kitted out with the very best parts to ensure performance is top of the range. So, under the hood you’ll find a naturally aspirated 6.0-liter V12 engine which consists of tuned length dual inlet runners and wider inlet manifolds.

Expect to go from 0 – 62-MPH in just 4.2 seconds, and then hit a top speed of 205-MPH. Why? Because the specs ensure the Rapide AMR generates 580-BHP and a healthy 465 pound-feet of torque. More upgrades from the Rapide S include lowered suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, aerodynamic body kit and an enhanced adaptive damping system.

The wheel base has been widened too; you’ll now find 21-inch wheels that are encased in excellent Michelin Super Sport tyres. Another cool feature is the circular daytime running lights, which are apparently inspired by past Zagato models. In terms of the interior, everything is near enough identical to previous Rapide models, so you’ll have Alcantara seats and a complete carbon fibre centre console.

As for personalization, you’ll have plenty of options. It’s said that there’ll be a variety of different colour schemes – Mariana Blue, Scintilla Silver, Lightning Silver and Onyx Black to name a few. You can also pick from Lime, China Grey or Clubsport White accents. Oh, and you can also add a special One-77 steering wheel.

To honour the versatility of the high-performance road-going sedan, the British brand claims, “it’s capable of comfortably transporting a team of race drivers to a circuit on the other side of a continent and then tackling the track when they get there.”

With just 210 models being made available, you better snap one up quickly if you’re ready to join the Aston Martin culture. To match the 210 theme, pricing will begin at $210,000.

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